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Okay to Give Squats Their Own Day?


all i do for my legs is squating because thats the only leg exersice i like would it be allright if i did upper body 1 day and then lower body the next day if im doing squats and also can i incoparate deadlifts into a leg day?


monday-upper body

tuesday-lower body

wendsday-upper body

thurday-lower body

friday-upper body

for my upper body i do bench,incline bench,dumbbell press,curls and pull ups

will this be overtraining or not?


i would do tuesday deadlifts and thursday squats. add in some assistance exercises and it looks halfway decent. add a row in there too. it's not overtraining, but you gotta eat enough food or you'll just be spinning your wheels.



How much do you squat? [1-3RM]

What are you training for/goals?

How long have you been training?

One one side: At least you train your legs. At least you choose squatting over less optimal lifts.

On the other: Your upper body day looks like shit. 3 open chain presses and one pull? Weak sauce. Also If you are a beginner trainee [ie. 1-2 serious years] then you will likely garner more benefit and balance from squats and other lifts. Things like deadlift, or at least good mornings, are great for beginners.

If I were your coach I would get you to do Squat [or variant] and 2 other leg based lifts on one leg day and Deadlift [or variant] and two other leg lifts on your second lower day. The other lifts would likely be unilateral lifts and explosive lifts [again, depending on goals].

In short: It is not optimal but I myself have done it and will do it again... When im on a diet or delaod. Not for regular training.




He's a borderline troll... so yea. Btw, you ever heard of the 'catapult' method in Oly lifts?


my goal is to add on both mass and strength but for now adding mass is my main goal.

i have been training like 8 months but with a very crappy diet so my results were not the best.

the heaviest i squated was 265 or so but i rember doing it easily with proper form

heavist deadlift was like 395 or 405 dont rember if i put the extra 5 on each side

i do that upper body routine because my main focus is my chest because it is a weak point for me and i will also do weighted dips ounce i get the bar,i train from my home so i can not do machine work just barrbel and dumbell exercises.


lol im not trolling about this im actually curious because i have friends that say you need to take one day off after working out or you wont let your muscles recover and if you think im a troll please dont post in my threads.


Naw, you don't HAVE to take a day off. I train military press on Sunday and deadlifts on monday. As long as there isn't too much cross over fatigue (say doing bench Sunday and military press Monday) it won't be a factor until you are much more advanced.


I agree about the push/pull ratio. Too much pushing and not enough pulling will catch up with you in the end. At best it'll hinder your performance and at worst, shoulder problems. Read some stuff by Cressey and Robertson for detailed info on this. I dropped bench for about six months to a year and focussed on back and rotator cuff health and my bench went up about 60 pounds.


will deadlifting,barbell curling,rows and pullups be enought to even out the ratio?

i could trow in some dumbell curls also lmao.


The only pull you have in there is a pullup. You're completely ignoring your posterior chain. Squats are fine for leg work, but you can't be so one-sided about it. You need to incorporate something for your posterior chain, most notably dead lifts, rows, and some lunging somewhere.

Honestly, this is a pretty poorly designed program. What are your goals?

And, no, this is nowhere even close to overtraining.


Curls won't help you. If you are new to training, and it seems you are, then you need to focus on large, multi-muscle lifts. Continually focusing on just your chest won't make your pecs much bigger than they are. Your body just doesn't let huge muscle imbalances happen. You have to train your back and your legs too, or you'll go nowhere. And, like others have said, diet is paramount. Even if you have the most perfect workout program ever, you won't achieve anything without the correct diet.

Also, don't curl at the squat rack. Ever. If another T-Nationite lifts at your gym, I shudder to think of what would happen...


It's a big mistake to only do exercises that you "like."

Find and use those that are most effective, regardless of whether you like them.

Squats are a good choice for legs, but you'll likely end up with incomplete development if that's the only training you do for your lower body.


You will gain more mass working your back than you would your chest.

If you want to bring your chest up how about doing chest along with arms on Mon and Fri. That way you could hit that muscle twice a week. Use Weds to focus on your back. I know you want to bring up your chest but trust me a strong back makes a strong everything else!


i didnt see anything here for core...
perhaps combine core with legs? I would also recommend adding another leg exercise (maybe even two). i dont see any issue in working a muscles in isolation, just make sure that you are working at a weight within the 8-12 rep range.

the thing with having combination muscle work outs is that it will save much more time and is also alot more functional in terms of training benefits. If your main goal is size, isolating muscle groups not necessarily a bad thing


Basically the "program" is not even a good skeleton to work from. Look around and find something that others are doing and having success with at the beginner level, do that. The idea of having 70-80% of your training volume used on 3 different horizontal pressing lifts is handicapped.

ALternatively look around and get a good coach. But if you really really want to train using only your favorite lifts and want to look like one of the jonas brothers then please continue.



If your looking to gain mass your on the right path with squats. I would clean up your workout with a workout spit 4 days on 2 days off or what ever works for you. Doing chest three times a week I found starting off will overwork your muscles and you won't be able to push your max numbers. Cut down your chest days to two a week and do heavy weight for short reps and maybe throw some more back into your routine, which you could also do dealifts on that day.