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Okay, TC

Okay, TC; you pretty much “poo-pooed” the idea of a “T-Mag Fitness Certification” (Gotta run a magazine, strong minded personalities can’t agree, blah, blah, blah…). A lot of us don’t want this to go away. A thought; In a lot of fields (example Surgery,Computers, to name a few), a person has a certain expertise. They then may go for a week, month (or more) to gain an additional qualification and or certification (eg, the ability to repair a certain type of mainframe, or a certain type of laser surgery). How about getting some fired-up, disgruntled, frustrated but motivated guy AND gal from your area that are “certified” trainers that believe in the cutting edge info of “Testosterone”; have THEM work on a “Testosterone Qualified” sub-qualification and the criteria for obtaining it; submit it to the gang; if okay, have THEM set up a course for qualification; sell it for some moola/sell some supplements and VOILA! Biotest makes some moola; some trainers in your area make some moola; and so many people won’t be using Swiss Balls, avoiding squats and protein, eating soy and bagels, or wasting their time (and many others)in the gym. I know I’ve simplified things, but what do you and the rest of the readers think?

NO NO NO. T-MAg is for the elite. I don’t want to put words in anyone’s mouth, but the reason I read T-Mag every week is because it makes me feel special. I feel almost chosen, I mean if T-Mag went out held the hands of the common or prosaic if you will, being a T-Man wouldn’t mean the same thing. They have showed me the light but I have to the one who traverses the jagged trek. SHIT, NOW I AM JUST BABBLING.

(Hey “…”; seems like you’ve got that “Artist-Formerly-Known-As-Prince-Now-Known-As-Prince” thing going on “…”…anyway…I don’t think that you’re going to have the huddled masses becoming adherents to this lifestyle; it takes too much work and thought, and too many people don’t want to do either; I don’t want to lift weights; just “tone” (so, half-assed efforts in the gym OR non-existant); I “heard” too much protein is bad and Fish Oil has too many toxins (so, diet becomes DOUBLE half-assed);blah, blah, blah. No,"…"…too many people want quick, easy fixes. (I sure wish a healthy body WAS both!)…but I guess it isn’t…

Oh, I forgot…Why do I give a FLIP about a certification? Well, I love My Boys that I work out with…always will…they’ve been my Posse since High School. But it would be GREAT to have a “Testosterone” Certified trainer who could push me to that next level and with whom I could have a lot of give and take with. I’ve had it with some kid who thinks an Omega-6 is some video game or leg extentions are “as good as squats”… or cute little hotties with Pixie haircuts that you wouldn’t catch DEAD in the gym sweating…(AAAAggghhh!!!)