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Okay,.. Now I'm Totally Confused.

I’m 42 and I’ve taken another blood test and it’s just like the one I took 2 years ago only worse. I’ve been researching a lot of the forums here, but there is so much information I just don’t know where to start, and my head is totally swimming. From LH to AI to hcg to aaarrrrrggggg!

Good lord it was so much easier when I was 20 in the Ranger battalion, could hump a ruck for 20 miles without blinking, have bullets fly by my head and then come home and fuck for hours.

Anyway my testosterone was at 185. My estrodiol was at 54. I’m testing morning fasted blood sugar at a consistent average of 150.

So my question is are there supplement protocols that I can follow that will actually make a difference, or is this a case for pharmaceutical interventions.

I really don’t care which way I go. I have no moral hang-ups with steroids, all I want is someway to get rid of this fucking bodyfat and start to feel like a human being again. I have access to Mexican pharmacies if necessary.

I just started doing CW’s BBB and eating low-carb. So any suggestions about protocols would be greatly appreciated.


If your T is 185 get a good Dr and go on TRT. Supplements aren’t going to help much if your T is that low. Do you have lab numbers to post?

This is the one I had two years ago. I haven’t gotten the one from this week yet. But as I said this was pretty bad to begin with.

I’ve converted this to jpeg. I’m not sure if it will show. If not I’ll figure another way to post it.

Edit: This is kind of small but I think it’s readable.


Your fasting blood glucose is 150 up from 135 2 years ago? Normal fasting levels are under 100. I think you should talk to your doctor about that immediately.