Okay, just registered and logged in...........

bummer that someone else got my name “Spook” though. Anyway, I hope that “Spook” lives up to a good reputation. However, if anyone wants to help me get over the depression of someone using my name please send 1 gram of test in the form of a donation.

Other than that, hello all!!!

spook is one of the most informative around.

One gram? Hell that would only last me halfway through the week?
Welcome aboard!

musclhed, I’m assuming that there would be hundreds who would donate 1 gram of test; that way I can be in business for until summer.

Its just a dream of mine. I am thinking about not bathing for a week, dressing in raggy pants and a shirt and sitting near a place that has lots of pedestrian traffic with a sign saying, “I don’t want your damn money! I want EQ and Test Enanthate bitch!!!”

Oh well…tis a nice fantasy anyway.

Oh great! Another fallen angel to rescue.

Welcome to the funny farm.

Spooks one of the top dogs. IMO

lol musel. no kidding. that is half a frontload. and yeah apo. around here “spook” is one of the senior members and is very helpful to the good bro’s. choose your words carefully or you will end up on the outside looking in quickly.

Hmmm… Very cool!
Thanks guys, appreciate the sentiments. I dunno about all the senior stuff though. You guys should know that I am very sensitive about being called a senior I just aint that old yet ;-}

Spook #2 aka appolonia? Its ok if you call yourself spook. Just know that it’ll always be spook #2 J/K
Sorry but I’ve had this name for a long time bro and am pretty well known throughout this and other boards by that name.

Yeah spookaroo. I think we might have had our names at the same time on the boards. I’ve modded or adminned at a few boards for several years. We’re not twins seperated at birth are we?

I dunno bro, if you saw me you’d probably hope not atleast ;-}
Did you go by Spookaroo? Or just spook. People just call me spook but I’ve always used the handle spookaroo, please don’t ask me how I came up with it. I think I might of been drunk or something.

I’ve always gone by the name of Spook by nickname for about 12-14 yrs. I won’t go into why I was nicknamed it, but it was an old stigma that used to irk me until it grew on me. And, no, I’m not black except on job applications. :smiley:

where I’m from the term “spook” is another slang word in place of the “n” word.