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Okay guys here it is.

I am a nerd so i did this on MSEXEL. Here is a link to my diet. I hope i did this right because it kind of took me a while to make. Lemme know what you guys (and girls) think. Oh BTW this diet is to gain mass with minimal fat gains. im 215 right now.

Sorry !


From what I saw it looks pretty good, but it is very hard to read. I couldn’t tell what your totals were for the day.

IE6 automatically resizes graphics to fit your default window size. Disable it in Tools/Internet Options/Advanced. The picture is legible.


Bobo da Clown, I’ll need to review this more thoroughly. I’ll have to punch the numbers, but at a glance they look okay. Obviously if you’re not packing it on at a desired rate, then you’re not eating enough.

The glaring thing that I see is that your largest carb meal is during the middle of the day. This type of high-carb meal will be best utilized in the hours after training. Save the high carbs for that period.

Okay well i havent started this yet. I plan to when i get back from vacation/rest week. So any opions and help for changing this diet would be appreciated. it’s 1.5g per/lbs of protein. Also my biggest carb meal is my “dinner” i go to the gym at 10 p.m. it would be impossible for me to get a huge carb meal after that, ill be up all night and i already have trouble sleeping as it is. I think there are enough carbs anyways between the workout drink, the surge, the Protein shake and the banana? If not some suggestions as to what else i could eat after the workout too add some carbs and not make it that im eating the same thing twice in one day, thanks.


Bobofett (gotta play Timbo’s game :slight_smile: -

Is 10pm the only time you have to workout? I’m asking because you say you have trouble enough sleeping now, I wondering if your CNS is getting too jacked up and that’s causing your sleeplessness. What time to you go, or try to go, to bed usually? And how much sleep do you normally get per night? If you’re trying to bulk, sleep’s a very crucial factor for you, so you really want to keep tabs on that.

Well i have school every other day. So every other night i get about 11 hours but, on the nights i have school i get about 3 hours, if im lucky. I know this is terrible but i can never freaken sleep. i go into the bed at 12 and dont fall asleep till 4ish. Ive tried to eat, some camomile, even downed some tylinol PM and NyQuil. Nothing works. And for now, until school is over i can only workout then because of work and studies. Next Semister i am going to start classes a little later with more breaks, this way i can eat and sleep as much as i need to. BTW what does CNS have to do with it?


One question…Wouldn’t you want the carbs early in the day anyways? I figure since that meal is about 4-5 hours before my workout i would get some energy out of it?

Nope. I want my carbs when my body is most sensitive to insulin and glucose uptake is most efficient. That is, during and after training.

Any time after a fast, your insluin sensitivity and glucose tolerance are going to be at their peaks. This provides two ample windows, then: 1) first meal of the day, and 2) in the hours after training.

Following a bout of exercise, glucose uptake is going to be maximized because:

  1. increased permeability of the muscle cell to glucose,
  2. enhanced glyocogen synthase activity (i.e. the enzyme that causes glucose to be stored as muscle glycogen), and
  3. increased sensitivity to insulin in the muscle cell.

It should be quite obvious that the bulk of your carbs should come in the time frame after training. If there were two times, then, when you should be eating carbs, they are: 1) the first meal of the day, and 2) the few meals in the hours after training.

To me, the timing of training is completely irrelevant. I don’t care if you go to sleep right after your whole-food post-workout meal, but you should be getting in a liquid meal and at least one whole-food high carb meal after training. In the case that you’re only getting in one whole-food meal, this makes getting in a high-carb first meal of the day very important also.

The rest of the day, your energy needs will be more efficiently met by fatty acids. Therefore, you should be trying to manage insulin during these times to maximize utilization of fat.

As far as your issues with sleep, 1) are you taking any stimulants before training? and 2) have you tried eating high GI carbs in the whole-food post-workout meal?

Personally, after training all I want to do is eat and then go to sleep. The desire to sleep is from the training and not the food.

So, Bobo da Clown, I ran some numbers and I think you’ve done a great job thus far.

The primary things I’d change are:
*Meal 3 to P/F,
*Meal 7 to P/C,
*Meal 6 to more carbs

As a matter of fact, you could simply move Meal 7 to Meal 3. Then move Meal 3 (the old P/C meal) to Meal 6. Then move the old Meal 6 to Meal 7. The only thing I’d change then is the banana to an apple in the new Meal 7.

Man, is that completely hard to follow or what!

But, Bobo, you really look like you’ve put in a good deal of time and thought into this. So don’t get all worked up, you’ll be fine.

Like Timbo said, you want the carbs after the workout so as to fuel muscle/glycogen replenishment. (If you’re going to have a large carb meal in the first place, that is.)

Also, I’m wondering why you think that having a large carb meal would keep you up all night… Most people, after eating a large portion of carbs, get sleepy. Seems like it’d be the thing to do in your case, rather than something to avoid.

Okay, when i fix it will keep you guys post and let me know if i did everything right. Thanks!

Okay I changes those few things you said to. So im going Breakfast with lots of carbs. Then, i go three fat meals. then when i workout and after that carbs right?

Oh, yea timbo… If i do what you told me to do that means im going from the time i wake up pre-P.M. to 10 p.m. at night with only 1 carb meal? is that okay?