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Ok, WTF Is This? Part Duex


More homo-erotic bodybuilding videos. No one dressed in an animal costume this time.


Where the heck are you finding this?

Is there something I should know about you????

No, I am not dressing up in a bunny suit. At least, not that kind...


I am at a loss for words right now.

No. Wait.

That was gay.

I could not watch it to the end.


It's gay softcore porn. Why the hell are you posting this? Are you shocked that gay guys like porn too?


Why? Did that tickle your pickle?


Whoa, check out this tool:

He's actually LICKING his own biceps!!!


I had to kill both of those vids, 'cause they were on a different level of gayness. I think 15 seconds is all I lasted before I had to shut it off


Oh. My. Gosh.

Burn my eyes. I think I'm forever scarred


Yes, very VERY Gay. The first guy was using a fanny pack too! (I dunno if this is just a Hawaii thing, but here we've long called fanny packs "Fag Bags") OMG, the gratuitous butt shots complete with clenching and unclenching of cheeks, obviously the vid was made for the butthole-oriented crowd. The second vid, clicked it off after around three seconds.



Now I have to cook up another meal because the last one is splattered all over my desk...


As long as its only food splattered over your desk after watching them, that's ok.

(Sorry couldn't miss that opportunity.)


Evil. You are evil!


Actually he has an awesome shape! The video is however very gay. Seriously in the first vid, that is about how I am aiming to look, minus the gayness. the second one I didn't bother finishing!

                  tin can


I don't even want to know how you found these videos, but please never post anything like that again. Disturbing shit.


WOW, I didn't know it could MORE gay:




That shit is way too gay.

Okay, the guy has a good build. That's great. Why the fuck did he have to turn it into soft core gay porn? Does he get paid for that? Do people request it?

For a minute, I thought he was going to pull out his wang in that one shot. I almost puked!


That was fucked up! What the hell are you doing looking for stuff like that????? You have some gay fetish going on that we don't know about.

That was disgustingly gay.


What the fuck


I was just checking out www.youtube.com and did a search for "bodybuilding"

I figured it would get a rise out of people here.


The fact that these were the results of the search is even more disturbing than the videos.