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Ok, what do you guys think would be a better routine

Ok this is my first post, its summertime, no school… time to train hardcore, i need help on deciding which routine i want to do take a look at these two, all critisism is more then welcome. Im 6"3 200lbs

Routine One (all go by 4 sets of 8-10)
Monday- Chest
Flat Bench
Incline Bench
Decline Flys
Tuesday - Back
Bent over db row
Lat Pulldown
Cable Row
Wensday - Legs
Leg Press
Hamstring Curl on Machine
seated calf raise
thursday - shoulders/traps
shoulder press
lateral raise
friday - arms
superset db curl/db ckullcrusher
superset preacher curl/tricep rope pulldown
superset hammercurl/tricep bar pulldown
sat/sunday - rest
Ok… on to routine two, just put this together, liked the look of that HST stuff on here. 5x7 scheme
Day 1 - Back/Shoulders/traps
bentover db row
lat pulldown
cable row
shoulder db press
lateral raise
Day 2 - Chest/Arms
Flat Bench
Db curl
Preacher Curl
db skullcrusher
rope pulldown
Day 3 - Abs/Legs
Leg Press
seated Calf raise
Hamstring curl on machine

then its rather, rinse, repeat.

OK so what do you guys think, last summer i used my first routine, i got decent gains but nothing spectacular and ended up getting bursitis in my shoulder (ouch) just got back in the gym 3 months ago and lost all that mass from last summer :frowning: ok so what do you guys think, assuming my diet is good, would routine 3 yield better gains?

Oh yeah, and anything you can direct me towards like a videos or articles detailing perfect form, that would be great.

Either split is ok, however I have a few issues:

  1. Leg days (in either routine) are way to heavily quad dominant. Squats and Leg press blast your quads, and throwing in a knee flexor exercise to balance things out just won’t do. Firstly, I’m partial to training my hams as a hip extensor and not a knee flexor (The former keeps your hips back behind your shoulders preventing an overly forward arched back, and keeping a great glute-hamstring transition free of any gluteal folds…the second method just bends your knees.) You should be adding things like Good Mornings, 1 legged back extensors, Deadlifts, Straight-legged Deadlifts, etc. I found the greatest leg development for me occurred when I split my leg routine into 2 days (quad dominant and hip (hamstring) dominant). This allows for better focus and improved recovery for both hams/glutes, and quads.

  2. Seated Calve raises aren’t enough to hit all angles of the 2 muscles of your calves. See John Romaniello’s Diamond’s in the Rough for an idea of various exercises to use.

  3. Shoulder days: See if you can get a good posterior shoulder exercise in as well

  4. Back days: I’d dump the Bent-over rows. Firstly, it’s fairly similar to the cable rows, and secondly, as has been meantioned in previous articles here in T-mag, there’s a lot of neural stimulation that occurs in the rest of your body, just to stablize and support yourself during the movement (eg. legs, opposite arm, etc.) that takes away from the movement. Check out Christian Thibadeau’s “Big Back Stack” for substitutes.

If your looking to train hardcore over the summer consider doing Ian King’s 12 weeks to super strength overlapped with King’s Limping series (Twelve weeks of Pain). A lot of us here have done that (I’m doing it right now), and have seen/are seeing great results.

Good Luck

 Private Pyle, are you a ladie!!! You mean to tell me you cant give me one loucy pull-up?????? Come on you fat piece of lard!! ( for those who watched Full Metal Jacket, it went something like that lol)

 Do you mean to tell us that you will NOT do Pull-ups, but will instead replace them with lat pull-downs? Pull-ups should be THE backbone of every back exercise. Most people I know cannot do 5 friggin pull-ups, even if they use supinated grip!!!! I can get 17 straight with perfect form so far. A year ago I couldnt get 6 measle ones.

 I didnt pay much attention to anything else. I would replace lat pulldowns with pullups. Maybe I just have a tendency to prefer hardcore movements that dont require machines, such as pull-ups/chin-ups, squats, deadlifts, and so forth - now that Ive been training for military boot camp I even have a preference for pushups and reverse pushups (which are nothing but a row movement where youre pulling yourself up towards a barbell in a squat rack - these 2 exercises complete my list of basic exercises I can do anywhere when I get deployed in the Future, which will probably be very often in today's world)

K.I.S.S.-If you dont know what this means then your program is too complicated.