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Ok, tomorrow starts a day for the rest of my life

I’ve already posted my sketchy stats, and now have decided what to do. I’ve deeper evaluated my diet, and really I was on t-dawg all the time, just didn’t know it. I need to get more protein though, but I only eat 30 carbs a day. I’m going to do meltdown training. I thihk that is the best program for dropping massive amounts of fat. I’ll try ot get some photos of my progress when it can be seen. I’m going in for blood test’s early tomorrow mourning. Thanks to all and T-mag rules

Good luck, Tommorow I will start T-Dawg 2.0 , actually I started today, and so far so good. I am going a different direction in training though, I will be lifting heavy, but not sure exact program yet. What are you stats, how much fat are you looking to lose?

Well, the school health center doesn’t have calipers, but I’m just going off what a web site says when I put in my numbers, and they come out to be 20% or so. So I’m looking ot get to atleast 8% but when I get to 10% I’m planning on trying a bulking phase, so I can put on more lean muscle. But in the end of my journey I plan on being about 240 lbs of lean body and about 8% body fat. I know that goal lofty, but everyone thought the kid in the hot rox challenge couldn’t do it, and he did it. So I’m going to do it too, I’m young, 19, and I know that in time I’m going achieve whatever I work at.

zarro - what are your stats? 30 gr of carbs seems a bit low, even for t-dawg.