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Ok to Take a Break from hCG?


With the cost of hCG going through the roof, I was wondering if anyone has had success taking a break…I was thinking 2 months on, 1 month off.
Thx in advance!
*Been on TRT for over 5 years now.


Maybe you are getting hCG from the wrong place.
What are you paying for 10K iu?

Taking 250iu EOD?
You could try a smaller dose and keep on it.


Hi KSman!
Costco and cost is $128 Canadian.

250 M W F (used to take every other day) but like it this way…less pinning and do my Test the same way (100/wk with insulin needle quads and delts)

Smaller dose might make sense but I push the 1 month recommended expiry once mixed to 2 months already. Can it last longer without losing too much of its potency? I’ve read differing opinions on this.


many take 10,000iu in 80 days at 250iu EOD


Wow! 80 days…without any noticeable loss in effectiveness/potency? That just made the hCG a lot cheaper :slightly_smiling: And given I only do it 3 X wk even better!

Is $128 expensive or can it be had cheaper? Also is there a generic out yet?


ReliableRxPharmacy way cheaper.


Thanks david, I’ll have to check them out! You vouch for them? Credible?