Ok to Store Loaded Syringes?

Id like to keep my gear at a safe house and only bring a weeks worth of it at a time to my apartment so that I can discard all of my pins as soon as Im done injecting and not have any other “evidence” laying around. (Im attending a very strict university that does random searches!)

So my question is, can I load two or three syringes with tren and recap them, store them in a ziplock bag for a few days and then inject safely? Can this be done safely and still have a sterile product?

This will be my 5th cycle but Ive never had to do it this way before so I hope this isnt a question that only a noob would ask…

Yes. Store them laying on their side and have something like tin foil around the plunger to make sure it doesnt depress accidentally. A week should be fine.

The only concern could be (I haven’t done it) with very long term storage. The rubber or rubber-like plungers might not stand up well to really prolonged contact with the oil.

By really prolonged, I mean a month or perhaps many months.

Ok cool, I wont be storing them for more than a week or two at most. I just want to make sure I keep them sterile. Thanks guys