OK to Do SST "In Reverse"?

Hi Jim, when using SST (simplest strenght template) for the same lift as the main work would it be a good idea to do the prescribed sets in a “reversed” way, like working down instead of up, kinda like a pyramid? I think that I would like it more better to hit the heavier sets when more fresh…I would use it as a leader for 2 cycles.

3’s week would look like:
Main work (5’s pro) 5x70%, 5x80%, 5x90%
SST (“reversed”) 6x80%, 8x70%, 10x60%

I have run SST many times before as written and I like it but it has usually been with another supplemental lift than the main lift (ex front squats after deads as in the 2nd edition 531-book) and then it makes more sense to work up in %.

Maybe just do the 5/3/1 Pyramid. Work your way up, PR and then work your way back down PR’ing again on the down sets. :+1:t4: