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Ok to Consume Milk While Cutting?

I’ve heard that the calcium in milk has been shown to help fat-burning and if you drink skim milk it’s roughly 40% protein and its glycemic index is quite low.

But it seems to me like bodybuilders don’t usually drink milk while they’re dieting. Any thoughts?

Liquid calories aren’t as filling as solid food calories, so it could be easier to go over your caloric limit with milk. If you want calcium, eat some broccoli.

Has carbs, liquid isn’t very filling, old bodybuilding myth of dairy being bad for cutting, etc. It can be done, no big deal. Just factor in the calories and obviously don’t use it on a ketogenic diet.

I am currently drinking milk wih my shake PWO and my cut is going perfectly so far. When progress slows or I begin to get more and more hungry I might add oats into the shake instead and use water to mix. It’s really just personal preference. If you are dieting for a show I wouldn’t recommend it though.

The real question is how the fuck you drink skim milk?

My personal advice is it is not the best idea, but maybe it works for you?

Best idea is to try it, see if it works, if not cut it out.

Personally, I would say no. Unless your going to be a nazi about your calories and include them in your limitations, but it would be very easy to drink an accidental 200+ calories in milk a day and not lose weight, if you left it out in your 1800-2200 or whatever calorie total you were trying to hit.

As much as I like milk, I’m going to have to say no. Its a great bulking food though.

there’s nothing wrong with milk on a cut. its an easy and cheap source of high quality protein. As long as you are hitting your calorie goals you’ll lose fat.

Just about 90% of the questions on this board can be answered by: “can you fit it in your daily calories?”