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OK, T-Nation, this makes it real easy!

There’s been a delay in the House pushing through the ban on prohormones (HR 207). I know we’ve been beating this to death, but now is a great time to pile in a few more emails, and I found a great, super-easy way to do it! T-Mag is teamed with other supplement companies to fight this legislation. One of the other companies is bodybuilding.com, and they’ve created a way for lazy bastards to copy and paste a form letter against the ban in approximately 22 seconds! Just cut and paste the following link, go to the site and send out that bad boy, and then get your asses back over here to T-Mag! (That’s it, I promise…I’ll shut up and step off my soap box.) http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/saveandro.htm

Generally form letters get the lowest attention by the legislators. Your best bet is to spend 3 minutes and customize your own letter. Use their letter as a template. I personally would capture the following main ideas, in this order:

  1. I am strongly opposed to HR 207
  2. I consider this a “litmus test” and will vote against any representative who supports this bill (this idea is VERY important to convey)
  3. prohormones are safe and have many legitimate uses in health, anti-aging and anti-obesity programs

    If you send a written letter, I’ve heard that mail is taking up to several months to work its way through the new security procedures. Send a post card instead; it might go faster. Better yet, call your representative’s office or send an e-mail.

Yeah, this is a form letter that you copy, paste, and email. And although you may be right about form letters getting less attention, volume also speaks loudly. In other words, especially at this stage of the game when time is of the essence, I’m inclined to believe that a large volume of form letters will get the point across more effectively than a few quality, personal letters. And the ease of it may just raise up a few more of those procrastinators that didn’t want to make the effort in the first place. Point well taken, though!

Sent to 2 Reps.

Sent to 4 reps/sen

A form letter is definitely better than no letter. Does anybody have an idea of how the lobbying efforts are going? Are the Congressmen receptive? Maybe Chris Shugart should write an article on how it’s going.

Sent to all 3 reps

Done! Lets keep it going! We need everyone who has enjoyed the use of prohormones to take action. Were all in this together.

I wonder why all these form letters specify androsteneDIONE and not androsteneDIOL. I amended mine to include the latter compound.

By the way, thanks for the link mamman.

Sent our three tonight.

I see your Reps. and raise you a Senator.