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Ok supplement stack?

Hey, figured I’d ask here since T-Nation is so affiliated with Biotest.

My question is, for those of you familiar with NO2, would it be ok to stack Biotest Hot Rox while taking NO2?

In the book NO2 - The 21 Day Transformation, it says you should stop taking ephedrin based fat loss supplements, i know Hot Rox is ephedrin free of course, but the book also says not to take vasoconstrictors. I’m not sure if Hot Rox would be considered a vasoconstrictor or not, so what do you think? would it be safe/effective to still take hotrox with NO2?

BTW - Hot Rox really are great, been taking them for 3 months, lost 15lbs of fat, now I’m ready to pack on some muscles!

NO2 has been proven pretty much worthless. If you bought it, don’t open it and return it. Get your money back and get another box of Hot Rox or a couple of jars of Surge for after your cutting phase.

Basically what PGA said about the NO2. Studies have shown that it has no effect at all. HOT-ROX, btw, acts as a vasodilator.

NO2 is worthless but claims to throw on slabs of muscle so wouldn’t it best be used to bulk? and HOT-ROX is used for cutting so wouldn’t taking both at the same time just cancel each other out?

where is my boy with the no2 reference when i need him?

Don’t take no2. I got a bunch of free bottles of it when it first came out from a guy I know, and I took it for 2 months straight and all I got out of it was a little better pump than I normally got. It didn’t help me gain any mass. I know everybody’s different, but don’t waste your money on it, like these guys are saying. Buy something worthwhile.

something worthwhile? any suggestions on what really works? how about creatine? Im just starting to look into supplements beyond protien shakes.

So what have you gotta the best gains in lean mass from?

“So what have you gotta the best gains in lean mass from?”

Lift heavy things from the ground.

Put them down.


As for the no2, I take a no1 first thing in the morning. Discussion about no2 would be in bad taste.

Oh…you were talking about No2…not no2?

They are the same thing.

Best of luck Bruce…readreadreadreadreadreadreadreadread.

"A person who won’t read has no advantage over one who can’t read.

~ Mark Twain

Read a lot, eat a lot, lift a lot. That is the way to get big. Try creatine if you want, it’s a good staple product. Basically anything that is creatine and is cheap is good to buy.

Yes creatine is a much better choice than no2 cause it has research in its favour instead of against it. EFA’s are a must, maybe a powerdrive as a pre workout boost, and surge for recovery.

Red kat and tribex might be good as well, cause increased test is all cutting is about anyway.

I take a No. 2 every morning when I get up. Oh, wait, you mean NO2? -courtesy of Chris McClinch

Unlike many fat-loss supps, Hot-Rox may have a slightly anabolic effect, and can be taken during a bulking phase to keep the amount of fat gained to a minimum. The only problem may be the reduced appetite.

[quote]something worthwhile? any suggestions on what really works? how about creatine? Im just starting to look into supplements beyond protien shakes.

So what have you gotta the best gains in lean mass from? [/quote]

Creatine is good. Don’t believe any companies that try to make it sound like their creatine product is magic or anything, as creatine is actually a common nutrient found in food like beef and some fish. If you’re going to take it, just get the cheap monohydrate, and mix it in with your Surge or Surge-like workout shake. You are taking Surge or a Surge-like workout shake, aren’t you? Surge is a godsend for recovery.

Other than that, protein powders can be very convenient, and nobody should be whithout fish oil and a good multi vitamin.

To be honest, you sound pretty new to the whole game. Realize that regular food and a proper training program are going to have a MUCH greater effect on your physique and strength than any supp. That includes anabolic steroids.

Work smart, play hard,

is all creatine monohydrate pretty much the same? i took cheap GNC creatine for a month, loaded and whatnot and didn’t notice any difference in anything except bowel movements. this was like 2 years ago though, maybe its time to try it again?

why dont you elaborate on your training and diet?

P-DOG this one is for you:
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