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Ok Some questions ..What If ???

day 1-40 test e (testoviron) 250x2 ew
day 15-40 dianabol (danabol ds 30mg ed
day 1-40 proviron 50mg ed
day 1-55 arimidex 0.50mg eod
day 55-80 nolvadex 40/40/20/20 need clomid?
i dont want to do 8 week cycle i like the short cycles?
i think no need hcg but easy to find anyway ?
also clomid its not nessasary but on hand anyway ?i dont want to overkill
the only problem its i only have test e than test prop and thinking if starting test e 15 days and then dianabol or make 8 weeks cycle with dianabol kick start 4 weeks and go on with the test e …
its proviron with arimidex ok?
pleace any advice its welcome thanx

Test E for a little less than 6 weeks is pushing the envelope in terms of effectiveness. IMO.

Get prop or dont do this cycle as it’s laid out.

You say you dont like 8 week cycles but prefer the short cycles. 5 weeks and change isnt all that much shorter than 8 weeks. I dont really see how this is better than an 8 week cycle in terms of ease of recovery. And it certainly isnt better in terms of efficacy.