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Thursday, Jan. 29, 2004
Musclemen Fret About Chickenless Diet

HANOI (Reuters) - Bodybuilders in Vietnam are squawking about the absence of chicken in their diets after a bird flu outbreak hit supplies of the cheap source of protein.

“We now have to use beef and fish, but beef has high fat and fish is poor in protein,” Ly Duc, a bodybuilder with seven Asian gold medals, told the Vietnam News Thursday. Duc typically eats six meals a day, comprising 1.2 kg of chicken and 16 egg whites.

While health experts say well cooked chicken and eggs are safe, the cull or death of more than four million chickens in Vietnam has led to scarce supplies.

In the meantime, Duc and other musclemen are paying out more for alternatives. Pork and beef prices have risen during the flu epidemic, which has killed at least six people in Vietnam and two in Thailand. Some 10 countries have reported bird flu outbreaks.

Duc said his daily food bill has doubled. “Now my wife has to spend 90,000 dong ($5.75) for 1 kg of beef,” he lamented.

Think we should send them some Grow in a “care” package?

since when is fish poor in protein? I know some of them are,but you cant tell me they dont have a nice supply of tuna and the likes over there…

Their money is called “dong”?

Dan “heheheh. DONG.” McVicker

That poor guy’s wife and 90,000 dong. What about dog meat, won’t that fullfill their bodybuilding needs?

haha, I have a friend named dong.


I say we set up a “Chickens for Steroids” trading business with 'em.

First the tuna has too much mercury and will kill you, and now the chicken is disease ridden and will kill you. Factor in mad cow for the beef, and the general unpopularity and religious prejudices against pork, and I say theres a world conspiracy with a goal to make us all soy eating vegans. Its a plot, man, a plot!!!

Hahaha soy eating vegans,no thanks i will just risk my life and eat animals!!!

hhhmm…any1 know how good a source of protein human flesh is?? haha, just kidding :stuck_out_tongue:

human flesh is too fatty and doesn’t taste good…oh wait, you were kidding? yeah i was too…

hmmmmm…I do remember reading in a cookbook once about an old Aztec recipe for your neighbor, had a lot of tomatoes and corn in it.

Have to adjust it to bring the carbs down, but it might work


yeah man, its hard to get lean human cuts in america… Do you have any idea of how many bodybuilders and cross country runners i have to kill a week?

Oh wait im kidding too