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OK, Let's Lift! And 1 and 2 and 1 and 2

You at 175 is gonna be insane!!!

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Thinking about starting my log back up. A lot has happened since I last posted anything here. Some of this will just be for posterity so I can look back and remember why this gap exists in my log.

2020, year of the covid. My last post was about a show I did as a lightweight competitor, and I had shared that I was going to shred myself down to 175 to try to make it to the Arnold. Well, that qualifying show was supposed to go down in April, and it was, of course, cancelled. So I never had that opportunity.

When the world shut down, none of us really knew what was coming next. Here in Texas, things were a mess. I had a lot of friends who just kept going to the gym, found ways around the rules, etc. I had/have a lot of ‘at-risk’ people in my life, so I just decided to take a short break from lifting. Figured it couldn’t hurt, and we’d probably all be getting back to our normal lives in a month or so. I would take the time to get better at meal prep, improve sleeping habits, all that kind of stuff, and give me body a chance to recover and come back stronger than ever.


I did alright for awhile, but complacency and apathy set in after a few months. I bought some training equipment for myself eventually, but I just couldn’t find any motivation to lift, with no shows to train for, and no people to see. It wasn’t until March 2021 that I ended up back in the gym, after my first vax shot. A full year out of the gym. My bodyweight had dropped into the 170’s, and my strength felt absolutely depleted. But I showed up. And things started to get better. Every session I started feeling more like myself. I started to put weight back on. And it wasn’t long before I signed up for another show.

I believe the show was in May. And I won it, as a lightweight, minimal water cut. I dominated it, easily winning 4 of 5 of the events, and skipping the 5th, which was yoke (sound familiar? LOL).

So I signed up for another show, which did not go so well. In late June, I competed in Houston, and the first event was a max axle deadlift. Once again I was competing as a LW. On my next to last attempt, I set a new state record for the axle deadlift in my class, and my last attempt was meant to set a bigger record. Well, I partially tore my hamstring, and failed the lift. I tried to continue with the show, but I just couldn’t make it work. First show I’ve ever failed to complete.

Over the next 6 weeks or so I healed. I got all the way better, and got to the gym a couple times. Then, my son got back from a vacation with his mother, and brought Covid back with him. So I was out again. At this point, I was struggling with mental health a bit, dealing with personal life stuff, and I didn’t get my ass back in the gym when I was recovered from Covid.

So about 2 months went by, taking us to this week. I trained on Sunday, and my conditioning was POOR. So is my strength. But it will come back fast. I signed up for a show at the end of January, and I intend to win it, in the 200 lbs class. Right now I’m waking up in the low 180’s. But fuck it. I’m going to eat everything in sight, and train my ass off for the next 2 months, and I’ll fucking win.

That’s all I’ve got for now. #letsgo


Always good to see you around, man. It’ll be awesome to see this return. Go get it!

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And get leaner in the process.

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I’m eating a pop tart right now, and I can just FEEL the fat melting off of me.


Awesome Flip. Good to see you.

Bloody good to see you back Flip. I’m up fo the ride as you build yourself back to awesome.