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OK, Let's Lift! And 1 and 2 and 1 and 2

hhahahah yea, I know my words will not resonate so well with new people on here without a picture. oh well. I may put one back up at some point.


Come on @flipcollar where is the comp update ?

Hey hey!

Yea, so I ended up winning Texas Strongest in the 198 class! No weight cut necessary either.

1st event was the log press. Didn’t go as planned, but I won it anyway. Tied for the win at 265, and I opened heavier than the guy who tied me, so I got the full point.

Next event was frame deadlift. I was fairly certain that my main competitor would beat me on this even at my best, so I bailed early on it. I injured my left knee on the log press, so I went up to 660 on the frame, which was good enough for 2nd. The other guy did 710 on the next attempt, and I just passed on it. So, tied going into event 3.

Event 3 was the sled drag and keg carry medley. I’m convinced that the direction we pulled the sled was a huge difference maker. Everyone who pulled the sled in one direction, all day, was significantly slower than those who pulled the other direction. My strongest competitor and I took last and next to last on this (I was last). At least I finished. Both my calves cramped at the start of the sled drag, and that made it fucking brutal for me. Felt awful. Tore a callus. Knees were fried.

Event 4 was stone medley, up to 300. There was a lot of downtime for this, and I felt fully recovered by the time the event started. I knew I had to win the event. I went next to last, and blazed through it. Under 20 seconds for all 5 stones, no hesitation on the 300 stone. Felt great. No one else in the class ended up finishing the run, so that put me in an overall tie for the lead.

Since I won 2 events, and he only won 1, a countback would have given me the overall win. But they didn’t do that. Instead, we held a rolling thunder handle with 110 on it for time. I love grip events, and I absolutely crushed it. When the other guy dropped the handle, I felt like I had 30 + more seconds in me.

So. Winner Winner. Chicken Pot Pie Dinner.

Went home. Went to bed.


Awesome work man

Deadly stuff.

Damn that would have been a super-annoying way for you to lose when countback should have broken the tie already.

Congrats Flip, that’s a hell of a performance. Some videos floating around the net somewhere? Because, you know, vids or it didn’t happen…

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Excellent work, as usual.

nah. tie breaking events are more fair imo. and more exciting. Honestly, I’d probably rather lose a tie breaker than win by a technicality.


That’s awesome. Congrats!

Great job mate and good write up. What makes you think the surface effected the drag, were times that much quicker the other way. Do you tho k it was a slope ??

As a competitor, I find this stupid. As I guy, I respect the hell out of it, and like you more for saying it. Great job at the comp, congratulations on the win!!!


I wouldn’t have said this a couple years ago, before I had wins under my belt. This is my 3rd Texas strongest title in 4 years, so at this point in my career, I’m looking for different things than I might have been before. I prefer the experience of head to head competition over a win on paper.


Hey Flip, if memory serves you met up with Yogi in Scotland some time ago. He fell off the face of the earth (well, TNation) a while back. Have you heard from him at all?

He Houdini’ed once before and I’m worried about the funny motherfucker.

But don’t tell him I said that, he’ll get all weird.



hey man,

No I haven’t heard from him outside of TNation in awhile. I have his email, I may shoot him a message and see if he responds.



So this was just over 5 years ago. I didn’t do another show for a full 2 years after this, as I focused on powerlifting for that duration. This was really fun to re-read, seeing how I felt about it at the time and whatnot. A few things that I know now that I can add to this.

  1. The guy who won my weight class is a dude named Alvino, who I later found out was a really strong national/international competitor, has competed at the Arnold multiple times, etc. And deadlift is always a great event for him. So I understand now why he crushed that truck deadlift. I didn’t understand back then how much of a difference side handles/height make on the car deadlift vs a regular bar.

  2. The fact that a 235 log press won the show is a fucking joke. But that is Alvino’s weakest event, and we just all sucked at it. I’m actually still impressed that my first time touching a 12" log I got 195. Best I’ve done at this point is 295.

  3. I’ve learned that static holds are really, really good events for me, and I never have to train for them, whether they’re ‘shoulder’ holds like chains or a hammer or whatever, or a grip test. I crush them all.

  4. that keg toss… lol! Man, I love overhead throws now. I won essentially the same event, but much heavier and higher, with sandbags at the lightweight world championship last year. That is a weakness that has become a strength. Direction is still the thing that’s most difficult, as I’m very explosive in it. I can always get the height.

  5. I still hate that truck pull. It was not executed well. That gym should not do truck pulls, their parking lot just doesn’t work for it. My opinion has not changed. I generally hate truck pulls for this reason, unless it’s indoor, it won’t work well.

I disagree with this statement today. The truck was heavy, but not outrageous. 600ish on a side handle lift is not crazy. It’s heavy, for sure, but not crazy. The fact is, I was BARELY capable of a 500 deadlift back then, and that’s just not strong enough in the lightweight division of any show.


Competed this past Saturday, came out with a win. Did exactly what I intended to do on every event, which felt great. Nothing to complain about when things pan out EXACTLY as planned.

So basically, I went in with the expectation/intention of winning 4 of the events, and taking last in the 5th. I felt good about those 4 because they all played to my strengths, and the 5th is my worst event in strongman, the yoke.

Event 1 OHP medley

It was a 220 axle and a 200 log. you could start on either one, but you had to go back and forth for each rep. I started on the log and completed 5 reps. I think a lot of people at this show underperformed on this event compared to what they maybe expected. 5 was the number I was shooting for, so I was happy. All those cleans just absolutely gas you. I was seeing stars on my last log rep. I was able to power clean each of my axle reps, so that saved some energy and time. The rest of the class ranged from 1 rep to 4.

Event 2 Deadlift medley

3 reps on farmers handles at like 220 each, a barbell for 2 reps at 460ish, and an axle for 1 rep at 485 I think. I finished in 17 seconds. One guy finished in 27, nobody else broke 30. I think 3 guys failed to complete the medley. This was warm up weight for me, and I didn’t need straps for any rep. The guy who came in with 27 seconds had to strap in for the last rep, and took some time on his setup as it was a weight that was close to his max, so that’s where he lost time to me.

Event 3 Max zercher squat with axle bar

Once I saw where everyone was opening at, I knew this would be a cakewalk. My last warmup rep was heavier than almost everyone’s max. I opened at 360, after the rest of the class had all taken their 2nd attempts. No one else got 380, so I took that for my 2nd to win the event. I took a 3rd at 440 just to see if I could get it. Failed rep. I figured I had to go for something I genuinely wasn’t sure I could get, otherwise no point in even taking the rep. It was fun.

So at this point, based on our standings, I knew that if I just got my 1 point for crossing the start line on the yoke, that if I won the 5th event, stones, I would still win overall. So I did that. Took the yoke across the line, put it down and walked away. All part of the overall plan.

Event 5 Atlas stone over bar for reps

The stone was 220. They reordered us based on standings for the final event, which I always appreciate. It told me exactly what I needed to do to make sure I won. The guy in 2nd got 7 reps, which was a really solid number. I was impressed, it takes a lot of time just to get the stone back after each rep and reset, so he was moving well. But he had to lap every rep, and I one-motioned each of mine. 7 for a tie would have been enough for the overall, but I went ahead and did my 8th just to take the event outright. I’m pretty certain no other competitor in any weight class was one-motioning their stones. I probably would have finished with 10-11 if I had kept going, there was still plenty of time on the clock.

So overall, very solid performance. Not the most exciting show, because I just wasn’t pushed the way I like to be, but that’s fine. A win is a win.

My next show is an Arnold qualifier, so it will be a VERY different animal. I have a feeling I’ll need to do essentially what I did at this one, as that also involves a yoke. We’ll see if I can train that movement up in time, the contest is early April. AND I have to cut to 175…


Great performance! Definitely dominated that one. How heavy was the yoke?

I think it was 525. Not heavy at all. But EVERYONE moves so much faster than me, and the event was max distance in a minute. Not worth even trying for me.

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Nice work on the win man.

What’s your training look like these days? IIRC you’re working with a coach, so no need to go into detail or anything that’d violate the time they’ve put in with you. Just curious for what someone at your level is doing in general.

Nice work Flip