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OK, Let's Lift! And 1 and 2 and 1 and 2


Sorry for your loss flip! Sometimes the world is a cruel place.


That’s awful, man. Sorry to hear it.


Heart breaking to hear man, condolences to you and the rest of the family


This speaks to me on many levels. I think I would have got a lot of thought out of it if I hadn’t scrolled up a few more posts.


It was meant to be encouraging to anyone who feels the stress of living up to the expectations of the world or others.

The circumstances surrounding Flip’s family are heart breaking and I wanted to share that little bit in case anyone else feels like they’re in the same boat.

Hopefully it didn’t come off wrong and detract from Flip’s post.


Absolutely didn’t mean to imply it Did.


Suicide is one of the hardest things to figure out - a permanent solution to a temporary problem. My wife’s cousin checked out a few years ago, senseless.

I’m sorry for your loss.



I’m sorry for your loss. You have my condolences.


Sorry to hear that Flip. Mental illness is awful.


Hey guys!

Well I had a strongman show this weekend, took 2nd place in the 220 class, while only weighing in at 203ish (207 officially, but wearing a jacket, keys, phone and wallet in my pockets.) The guy who beat me had a small water cut to get under 220. He was probably a solid 20 lbs more than me.

First event was the axle clean and press. Overall, I’m good with how this played out. We had to make 20 lbs jumps, so that dictated how I played it. I opened with 240, then hit 260, missed 280. Only 1 guy got 280, so I shared 2nd place points on this one with 2 other guys. I was expecting to take 2nd by myself, but that wasn’t the case. Generally in strongman shows, if you get a weight on your 2nd attempt, and the other competitors get it on their 3rd, you get the full points and they finish behind you. But that wasn’t the case on this one.

Second event was the hussafel carry for max distance (260 lbs). I honestly didn’t hate how I did on this, I got about 240 feet in a minute, with turns at 33 feet. But that was only good for 6th place, out of 7. This was a VERY strong field, a lot of really consistent, athletic competitors. The guy who won the axle also won this one. with about 330 feet.

So at that point, I was playing catch up, and I knew I had to make up points on the deadlift. I went 2nd on the event, so I got to set the mark. I crushed it with 13 reps on the axle, at 485 lbs. The guy who won the first 2 events took 2nd on this one, with 11 reps.

Next event was the hammer hold for time. 2 15 lbs hammers straight forward. I got a minute and 2 seconds. The guy got 1 minute exactly, and the guy who went last beat me by 1 second. So another second place for me.

So going into the final event, I was half a point ahead of 3rd place, a 4 behind the first place guy. I really needed him to drop the ball, literally, for me to have a chance. He was gonn have to finish in 6th and I needed to win the event. It was a medley, carrying 2 stones at 225 and 265 10 feet, and loading them over a 48" bar, then 2 kegs at 200 and 225, same distance over the bar. I went next to last, and had the best time, securing my second place finish. Then the overall leader bested me by a few seconds. He did not drop the ball, lol.

Overall a great comp. I didn’t think I had a real chance against the guy who won, so I was happy to at least stay in contention with him the who time. A mistake on the last event would have cost him the contest, so a clutch finish by him.

I’ll get back to training later this week. Next show is a very heavy one, in April. It will include: max log, max deadlift, farmers carry with 295/hand, sandbag tosses over a 14’ bar with up to 45 lbs, and a stone medley up to 350. This will be a strongman corp show, so middleweight divisions are 200 and 230. Realllllly hoping the 200 class makes, it will be rough if I have to compete against 230 guys at this one.


Awesome Flip, sounds like a fun contest!
13reps with 485lbs, very nice.

A bit of a random question here: Do you wear warmup briefs/shorts/pants for competition? Just wondering if it would be something you would recommend to someone for general training (powerlifting focus for me) to help keep the hips warm during workouts. I’m not looking for supportive briefs for equipped lifting, just something to serve a similar purpose of knee/elbow sleeves. Any recommendations on brands/type would be great, thanks.


yea, absolutely!

so i wear the rehband blue strongman short pant for every competition. I own 2 pair. They’re really durable, made of neoprene. I like them because there’s so much downtime between events, it helps to keep my hip and upper leg warm, and ready to go at any time. I wear those and my sbd knee sleeves all day.

I think they’re great for training too, i wear them a lot for days when I’m practicing carries, squats, deadlifts. Really they’re good for anything. I’d wear them for every session if I had more, but they’re like 70 bucks a pair I think.


I appreciate the reply. Would you say that they fit fairly true to their size? My waist size is right at the cusp of M-L (literally 33.5" - 85cm). If I was going to guess I’d say get the bigger one, as this is just for general warmth, not looking for a tight “competition” fit necessarily. But if they fit bigger or smaller than that could change my mind. Thanks again (and yes, looks like they are ~$70-80).


yea i just bought by the waist size that was closest to my actual size. it’s elastic, and it’s got a drawstring. whatever you get should be fine. It’s not a super thick neoprene, so it’s not going to be hard to put them on, it stretches.


Thanks Flip.


My log’s always been about honesty and full disclosure, so I’m going to share a tough thing for me.

I’ve lost almost 15 lbs since my last show a few weekends ago. I’ve been to the gym once since I competed. Hoping to get back in this week. I’ve had no appetite, my stress is through the roof.

I’ve been with my girlfriend for about a year. She has a young daughter, I have a young son. They call each other brother and sister. Well, I ended the relationship 4 days ago. She had to tell her daughter last night, and I will tell my son Wednesday when I have him.

It sucks. I was carrying so much stress leading up to the conversation, and I kept putting it off. Finally pulled the trigger. So hopefully I can get things back on track now. I’m not sharing this on my other social media. I’ll probably address it in a few months on there. You guys get to hear it first.


Probably the right thing to do. You always seem to have your shit together, and I suspect you do on this one as well.

Of course, you know, you will be fine, your son will be fine, she will be fine.

Not to be all woo woo, but, moving on - one door closes…


Sorry to hear that, man.


Toughest thing I have ever done was telling my kids I was out. They were 13 and 10. Their biggest fear was whether or not they were going to be able to stay in the house, and of course, they could, they are.

Tough times. You can’t be whole unless you have been broken.

Feeling you.


Sorry to hear man, but hopefully this will give you some time to work on lowering that stress and focus on yourself, strongman training, etc… The gym is my best therapy as I’m sure it is for you and most on here