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OK, Let's Lift! And 1 and 2 and 1 and 2


@flipcollar I’m just curious, what are your lifting stats? You seem to be absurdly strong


Love the hair brah


I’m waking up weighing around 193ish every day right now.

I pulled a 605 deadlift last night, and as you probably saw above, my squat is currently over 500, unwrapped. Bench press is probably mid 300’s. It’s been a long time since I tried to really push that. It’s not a priority. I’ve done 395 in the past. I’ve clean and pressed a 270 log and a 270 axle. No idea what I can do with a barbell. I think I can do around 800 lbs on a frame deadlift. Depends a little on pick height, but not much. I’ve loaded a 340 lbs atlas stone onto a 50ish" platform. Hardest set I think I ever did was a 365 squat for a set of 20. That was brutal. Also did a 405 deadlift for 17 reps in a minute, no straps. I think that covers most of the strength markers.


Also ridiculous shoulders.


still looking into that clavicle widening surgery. #forevernarrow


last night was a great session. I got the 605 deadlift I mentioned above, which was freaking awesome. Followed it with 4 sets of 10 at 315. I think it’s been a full 2 years since I actually last pulled 600. Deadlifting is now a priority for me again, because I know there are guys out there who are better than me who will be at nationals. I think I have a legitimate shot at a top 3 finish in the event if I can really make the most out of the next few months. I want that so bad. 605 didn’t exactly fly up, but it wasn’t hitched, nor a grinder. It’s on my instagram for anyone following me. At Tiptonstrong. Speaking of, anybody who sees my IG on here and adds me, send me a DM and let me know who you are on here. I’ve gotten a few requests recently from people I don’t recognize, but I assume they came from here.


Barely missed a 280 log press on Saturday. One I locked out but lost my footing. The other I just stopped pressing for some reason lol. Didn’t lock it. Also got a 300 stone for 3 1/2 reps.


so my bodyweight is up a few lbs, to 198-199 in the mornings. strength is more or less the same as when I last logged. Just missed a 615 deadlift, and missed the 280 log once again.

Circus dumbbell is improving. I’m consistently getting 4+ reps with the 115 bell, and I can get 140 for 1 now. Maybe more if I don’t go into it fatigued. I got a couple sets of 5 last night AFTER heavy log pressing.

I’ll be doing a contest in late May that has the same events as nationals. I’ll also be competing in the 198 class, a class up from what I"ll do at nationals, just so I can practice with heavier contest weights, and not have to water cut.


Haven’t seen any health updates so I’m assuming everything is good with that weird little flare-up?

Did you figure out what happened?


I thought I shared something somewhere… I guess it wasn’t in my log, lol.

My health is good enough. I’m more or less sticking my head in the sand for the next couple months, and then I’m coming off gear for awhile. At least the rest of the year. It’s time for a break. I’m hoping that helps, I think it will. My bloodwork isn’t terrible, by any means. I’ve seen FAR worse. But I am looking out for my long term health.

I also cut out alcohol already. I think that on top of gear has been a real issue. I wasn’t drinking often, but I think it was enough to be a major contributor to my sudden issues.


Haven’t updated in awhile, soooo here we go!

I had an SI joint injury doing stones last Tuesday. Felt exactly like when I injured myself 2 years ago deadlifting. Fortunately, I went to the dr this time. Got muscle relaxers that have helped tremendously since the injury. I’m competing in 2 days, so I had to do everything possible to hasten the recovery.

This weekend’s comp has all the same events as Nationals this year, which is why I’m doing it. Should be good practice. I figure if my back starts to bother me, I’ll be fine dropping out mid-comp. Stones are always last, so if I can’t do them, no big deal.

This is a heavy show for me. I’ve gotta do a circus dumbbell for reps at 150, which is the heaviest bell I’ve lifted, ever. I might zero the event. Heaviest stone in this show is 330 to a 52" platform. Fucking heavy.

There’s a tire flip/ sled drag medley I’m not worried about, a car deadlift for reps, and a truck pull (seated/ arm over arm with rope). I like all those.


How do you expedite healing there? Hanging leg raises? Inversion table?

Hope you heal up fast. Good luck at the comp.


taking the muscle relaxers and prednisone.

Basically I didn’t do anything to help myself last time I had this injury, and it took a couple months to really come back from it. I’ve also been using heating pads and ice back and forth, and foam rolling the glute. I also got a professional massage. Saw a chiropractor. Sprinkled pixie dust on it.

The injury originated from a tight/pulled left glute. I’d felt it for 2-3 weeks prior to the joint injury, but I didn’t do anything to work on it. I plan to be more proactive in the future when dealing with minor strains.


quick rundown for the comp I did this weekend:

There were only 3 198’s, and 1 181, so we got combined with the 220’s. yikes. I ended up finished 5/12 in the group, and I beat all the guys at 198 and below.

I got 2 reps, almost a 3rd, on the 150 circus dumbbell. That was pretty sweet, a bunch of guys got zero. That landed me 4th in the event.

I got 6 reps on the car deadlift. That also landed me 4th for that event, putting me in 2nd overall. The same guy won the first 2 events.

Here’s where things went off the rails… I went first on the truck pull. The truck did not budge. The guy who ran away with the first 2 events went next, and the truck didnt budge. The 3rd guy went. Nothing. So at this point, it was clear the event was a problem. The truck was repositioned, the 4th guy went, and the truck got rolling. So the 3 of us were allowed another attempt at the end. As the event progressed, some guys got the truck moving easily, some couldn’t move it. It got back around to me, and the 3 of us who couldn’t move it the first time, couldn’t do it again. FUCK. The 181 guy got it in like 22 seconds. But the strongest, and heaviest, guy at the show couldn’t move it? Hmmmmm. So the guy who was in first, and me, took zeroes. The other guy went on to run away with the last 2 events as well. So 4 wins and a last place for him. This told me that we got screwed. My best guess is that the truck was sitting in a little dip in the concrete or something. The parking lot was far from level. And he and I pulled from the same start position as each other on both our attempts.

Anyway. I took 5th on the tire flip/sled drag. missed finishing the course by a foot or 2. Gave it everything I had, I fucked up the 3rd flip a bit and wasted 7-8 seconds. But that happens.

I took 5th on the stones as well, for a 5th overall. Would’ve been 2nd overall if I had moved the truck at all. I got 3 of the stones, up to 300 lbs, and skipped the 330 stone. No point in trying it, with the potential to re-injure my hip. I did enough.

Overall, I’m happy with my performance, and I am chalking the truck pull up to bad luck.


Damn Flip that’s pretty amazing stuff there.
Too bad with the truck, but as you writes bad luck. That’s the positive attitude.
I bet you weren’t that positive on the day, I wouldn’t :slight_smile:


I was pissed, and I’m still annoyed. But one of the other guys was VERY irritated. Much more than me.


Dats some shady shit right there. Strongman Illuminati.


Should’ve asked them to take the hand brake off Flip. That sucks mate but well done on the rest.


Maybe he was just a truck pulling specialist? Kidding haha. Shame about that flip.


Would hate to be that promoter at that moment. Bunch of guys on big doses train for months, travel great distances to risk maiming themselves for your plastic trophy… and you mess up their chances…

Good work hanging with the heavier guys. Time to bulk to 220?