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OK, Let's Lift! And 1 and 2 and 1 and 2


a lot more than strongman. lol.

I don’t know how much you make, but let’s say… 30k. half of that being 15k. I’m going to say that there are less than 50 strongman competitors making that much from sponsorship and comp earnings combined. And that’s a VERY conservative number in my mind. My real though is more like 25ish.

I don’t use supplements really, outside of brain candy and Plazma. It would be cool if Biotest wanted to pay for those for me, that’s obviously a company I would proudly rep. I already do from time to time. But if a company wanted to offer me anything outside of basically a workout drink, it wouldn’t have much value in my life.


I’m dying laughing here because we’ve got one at Elite :joy: :joy: Cerberus sponsored, I mean. We’ve got another who’s sponsored by a few nobody companies too.


Sorry to hear the bad news about your health. Hopefully it’s just a short-term speed bump for you. Glad to see you have a positive attitude about it!


Yer sorry to read about you health problem flip hope you get it all sorted soon and bounce back better than ever.!


got a session in at the gym on Saturday. Hit a 250 log press for 2, and I’m pretty sure I had a 3rd rep in the tank. felt good. did some other stuff, but nothing of interest.


Any updates on your health? You’re lifting so that’s a good sign!


I appreciate the concern!

There’s a lot left unresolved as far as that goes, but I’m definitely feeling better now. Well enough to train a few times a week. Only a bad day here and there right now. I see a Dr again next week to go over some stuff, hopefully I’ll get some positive news.

I actually got into the gym 3 of the last 4 days. I did a Magnusson carry for the first time. I’d like to explain it, but the apparatus is fairly strange… it’s similar to Hussafel stone, with some similarity to a duck walk as well. It can be googled to see what it is.

I hit some good axle deadlifts, 560ish for some reps. Squatted with minimal success. 475 felt much more difficult than I wanted it to. And I did some pressing on Monday.

Bodyweight is still 192ish. Which is actually really good for me given the health stuff.


The first link that Google brings up is this barbend article:

https://barbend. com/oddball-strongman-events/ (put a space cause I think that link won’t fly here).

Towards the end is a video of Bill Kaz and some equally huge dude sumo wrestling. It is awesome and horrifying.


The picture of Thor is the event I’m talking about. Apparently the thing is actually called a Mooring Bit.


Hey man. Just checking in with your log to see how it is all going…


all is well dude. health is not so bad, I think. Still waiting for my next dr appointment.

Training is actually going really well right now. I worked with the circus dumbbell this weekend, and got 2 questionable singles with a 135 bell, and a few doubles and triples with 115 and 125. 140 should be going up soon for a single, and that’s contest weight. The interesting thing, at least for me, is once I can handle the circus db at a particular weight for a single, adding reps to it is easier than hitting a heavier weight. Like, if I can get it for 1, I can usually get 2. The goal, though, is 5ish in competition this summer. So a lot of improvement needed, but a lot of time to get there too.

I also did some behind the neck pressing to get my shoulders more acclimated to that sort of positioning. Deadlifts tonight. And I squatted again, did most of my work at 325 for sets of 8.


Yay! Flip collar is feeling better!

Is your stomach doing okay?


Probably not gonna post this picture in the main Transformation thread, pants are a little low, lol. But I’m pretty darn lean right now. Waking up at about 193 lbs.


Less than 8% bf. Surely not more than 10%


Yea, I have no idea about the number. That’s not a game I play anymore. no bearing on my life. The things I look at, when considering a bodybuilding show, are more like ‘how many more lbs would I have to lose to step on stage’ or ‘how many weeks of prep’. Those are numbers that have real life application. I’ve been told probably an 8-12 week prep at this leanness, and potentially 7ish lbs of weight to lose for bodybuilding, maybe nothing for physique.


That is pretty lean I must say.


Nice dickroot. Cannot unsee.


Did you dye the top of your hair blue/gray?


It was actually a bright purple, and it’s faded to that. Probably going bright pink next.


My hair is bright pink. It’s beautiful.

I had a couple really good sessions this weekend. I squatted 505 on Friday evening. That was big for me mentally, as I hadn’t done 500 in months. And the weight reallllly flew up. Didn’t look close to a max. Depth was questionable, but I also don’t compete in PL, so as long as I’m at least squatting to a depth where you can debate whether or not I hit parallel, I’m satisfied. Did 3 sets of 8 at 315 after, some reverse hypers to go with it, and leg extensions.

Saturday morning I had some good lifts as well. Did max reps on a log clean and press, cleaning each rep, for a minute. I got 7, and conditioning was the limiting factor. Didn’t have trouble on any individual clean or press, everything went up fast, no muscular failure. It’s just a very aerobically taxing set. Also hit a 515 axle bar deadlift with no straps for a set of 2. And I did a 550 frame hold for time. I held it for 40 seconds, had more in me but didn’t want to destroy my hands, because I was going rock climbing that evening.

So yea. rock climbing later. was fun.