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OK, Let's Lift! And 1 and 2 and 1 and 2


As others have said, really great stuff here.

Good luck brother.


dude, absolutely. Even in shows with almost no pressure, like this one, I get so amped up my stomach just doesn’t want any food. Plazma is such a solid substitute though. It goes down so well, gives me everything I need to sustain my energy throughout the day. It’s such a perfect supplement for things like this.


Awesome writeup there Flip.
Years ago I did bike races it took about half a year or so, before I got used to eat in the morning. And that was races every weekend… And when a big race I really wanted… I still had trouble sometimes.
Go get them tomorrow, OH and don’t come last on the carries :slight_smile:
Good luck Flip


Good stuff dude. I Probably have no business trying to cut weight for a while, but hopefully I’ll do my first competition somewhere in the summer this year. After a while maybe I could try squeezing down to a lower weight class, so I’ll probably just screenshot this and save it lol. I don’t really have much info at my disposal concerning weight cutting for women in the powerlifting realm, and the few articles or posts I do come across aren’t the most detailed. If you don’t know much about it, don’t sweat it, but do you think the guidelines you suggested fair up semi the same for a weight cut for a lady?

I know hormones may call for being even more strict with eating fatty foods, maybe change the amount of carbs (obviously less), and adjust salt and mineral intake. A few posts I came across seemed extremely contradictory. One noted more carbs, another noted virtually no carbs, but more fats. The one who suggested no carbs was an older lady who competed in masters, so I have no idea how that would compare to ladies my age with a different hormone setup.


I think of weight cuts for PL as different for strongman, in terms of importance. Strongman has 2 components that make it different. In powerlifting, when I competed in it, I was basically competing against both myself and the powerlifting world at large. It didn’t matter what people did at meets because it just didn’t feel like I was really directly competing. So few competitors per class, it made more sense to look at my numbers in a broader way. In strongman, competition feels more direct. ALL you’re trying to do is beat the guys you’re against, that day. So, to be competitive, some folks have to cut the weight or get smashed. The other aspect is that there are prescribed weights in strongman. You have to lift the weights they tell you to on many events, you don’t pick them the way you do in PL. So dropping a weight class could mean the difference between finishing an event and zeroing in it. zeroing is ok, but not fun.

I would only cut for PL if the cut was small and manageable, and if I was chasing records that were important to me.

The water cut process should be similar, because it’s not really about hormones. We’re not manipulating bodyfat, so all that matters is depleting ourselves of the things that make us hold water, and the water itself. Should be very much the same.

If someone suggested high carbs in days preceding a weigh in, for a male or female, they don’t know how the human body works. That’s a horrible idea.


Ahhh. Got it. Thanks man.


I won. The day went essentially how I expected, only 2 slight deviations.

I won the log press with my opener at 220, so that was my first and last attempt.

I won the deadlift with my opener and tied the state record at 515. Hit 555 for my second. Lost 595 at my knees, 575 would have gone up for sure.

I took 2nd in the hammer hold, which was kind of a problem. I needed to win that event to ensure I didn’t need any better than last in the farmers carry. So I did the carry.

I took last in the carry anyway. Only by 1 second, so I was ok with my performance, but still. Had the potential to be a problem if the rest of the class had placed differently in the event. Fortunately, the guy who won the hammer hold took next to last in that event. He would have had to win the carry to have a chance to win overall.

Stones were next. Destroyed it. 1 motion for all 5 stones, no lapping. Blazed through it, 20 seconds for 5 stones. 2nd place took 43 seconds in the event.

So, overall about what I expected. Took home an awesome trophy. I’ll post a picture of it, it’s a hammer.


Awesome, well done.

What’s next? Pro card by 2019?


I don’t see a pro card in my future. But who knows. There was a time, not so long ago, that I thought I would never win a show. Now I think I’ve won 4 in the past 9 months.

Next is nationals, as I mentioned. If I really push myself, and make real progress on the circus db, I think I have the potential for a top 10 finish. That’s absolute best case scenario. I believe I do not have the potential to place this year, even at my best. We’ll see.


Still having issues with the carries? Did you improve on your last show? Congrats brother. Sounds like a good win


Awesome Flip :slight_smile:
Next time carries comes by, you WILL place better than last.


Thanks man! I’ve actually done better than last on a few carries, and won a carry a few months ago.

Every carry I’ve done reasonably well in (like a top 3 finish) has had one of the following components:

  1. Long distance. I suck at time, but I don’t drop implements. I took 3rd in a hussafel carry for max distance one time while having the worst foot speed in the group by a mile, simply by holding onto the stone for the full minute. There was another hussafel event that I won, because all the other competitors couldn’t finish. Good foot speed, but gassed out, dropped the implement, never recovered. I was slow as fuck, but I finished. The distance was 200 feet, pretty long for a strongman show.

  2. front carry, generally with a lighter implement. I’ve done well on sandbag, keg and duck walk, as well as medleys involving these. The carries I’ve never done better than last in are: Yoke, farmers, frame, and conans wheel. The carries that are less than 300 lbs total are the ones where I don’t lose time to other competitors. I’m also fast on picks, so I’m better at medleys.


Farmers carry 200 per hand!? You are a beast, mate! Congratulation!


Wouldn’t it be awesome to get paid to do what you currently do as a hobby!?

Wake up whenever, chill, eat, go train, eat, rest, go train some more, eat, chill, Netflix, chill, repeat.

Nice win!


If you watched Eddie Strongman or Born Strong you might have a different opinion. That amount of eating looked insane.

Unless @flipcollar became a social media phenomenon and/or got supplement sponsors he’d have a hard time making a real living.

Speaking as someone who had a profitable reloading business for years I can tell you nothing ruins a hobby like making it your livelihood, for me at least.

I just wanted Flip to win his pro card because I think he’s damn close.


I watched both of those last week actually. So you’re saying the only pro’s are elite?

In most sports there are pro’s who are good, represent well, and get sponsored. They don’t have to be #1. Sponsors want you to win but mostly they want people to buy their stuff because someone good is promoting it.

I thought top 10 at Nationals would be worthy of sponsorship. Maybe it’s different in strongman though.


I can enlighten you on ‘pro status’ a little.

Your average pro will probably not make 10k in a year. Particularly in the weight classes below ‘open’. Sponsorships add very little to that income. Most sponsorships will simply equate to compensation for the costs of competing in the first place. As far as I’m aware, there aren’t any pros who don’t have a second occupation. Shaw has an apparel/equipment line, Big Z has a zillion business ventures, as does Thor. I’m not sure what else Hall does. He would potentially be the only one not doing something else that I can think of. The cost of food alone to be one of those top competitors will almost certainly offset most, if not all, earnings. Hall said he spends 500 dollars a week on food. That’s 26,000 dollars a year. Let’s say 10k more for drugs (potentially MUCH more). He has to fly from country to country to compete. The list goes on.

So, as to what top 10 at nationals means. 1. it doesn’t get you a pro card. top 2 or 3 does that I believe.

  1. it can certainly mean sponsorship. I’ve already had several sponsorship offers. And they’re not worth much. They basically amount to some supplements here and there, t shirts, maybe wrist wraps or whatever the company happens to sell. I know some shitty lifters who are sponsored by Cerberus. I’m sure I could get sponsored there if I wanted to. Then I could start tagging every social media post with #cerberusstrength or whatever, video every workout, talk about how amped I am from using whatever shitty pre workout a particular company sells… etc.

Sponsorships of real value are only really a part of bodybuilding. Getting into magazines, stuff like that. And that’s generally still going to be minimal. Just a little better. I have an advantage in the strongman world when it comes to potential future sponsorships because of my looks. I could potentially represent a company well for that reason. My appearance combined with some real success in the sport may eventually pay off a little.


In his Netflix special he said he was finally able to live off sponsorships at the time (a couple of years ago now).


got it. So 1 guy living the dream :slight_smile: lol.

And really, I assume guys like Shaw, maybe Thor COULD do the same. But I imagine Eddie’s barely clearing 6 figures with his sponsorships, and while that’s pretty substantial, I know I would want more if I knew I could make more through other avenues. There is a shelf life for a strongman. Eddie’s may be very, very short. 150k (or whatever he makes. we could even assume double that) won’t carry him far if his career is over in 5 years.


Got it. I don’t make a ton from my job so if a sponsorship paid half that then I’d take it and work part time for the rest and health insurance.

You could save a lot of money if you got sponsored by one of those food prep companies.

And I forgot you can get money just for being an instagram whore. If I ever competed in anything then I’d probably be an “athlete” for a local supplement company. I have a friend who does it and gets free supplements. She doesn’t even have to compete all the time. It’s all the social media crap.