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OK, Let's Lift! And 1 and 2 and 1 and 2


Hey guys! Figured I might as well start one of these, I’ll try to keep up with it.

I haven’t been training much recently, but next week I should start doing better, I’ll have a little more time available than I have recently. Over the holidays, I got bronchitis, lost my appetite completely, and lost a lot of the weight I’d been gaining in December. I’m 190-195 lbs right now. So this is really a more accurate representation of my starting point than the before pictures I already posted. Not a big deal though.

This Saturday I’ll be competing as a 181 competitor again in a Strongman show. The plan previously was to do 198, but it looks like they’ll be combining the 198’s and 220’s, so at my bodyweight, it was a no brainer to just do a cut instead and make sure I take a win. The overall plan right now is to just qualify for nationals now, and then spend the next 5 months training for it. So I’m sticking to that rather than trying to challenge myself this weekend unnecessarily. Because goals.

After Saturday, I’ll start eating like a madman. I’m going to try to push my weight up to 210 and hold it there until the summer.

In strongman news, I found out yesterday I hold a few state records. I’ve got the axle clean and press at 265, the axle deadlift off the floor at 545, and I"ll be taking the regular deadlift record in the mid to high 500’s this weekend. The log press is to high for me to take, some asshole did 300 at a 181 bodyweight, lol.

The events this weekend suit me well. Max deadlift, max log, stone medley, thors hammer hold (hold a heavy hammer in front of you for time), and farmers carries at 200 per hand. I’m planning on skipping the farmers carry because I will win all the other events. Unless for some reason the same guy takes 2nd in everything, then I might need to actually do the run. We’ll see.


Best of luck this weekend!


Should’ve named this the No Chill Log


I have a strongman comp this weekend as well, good luck with yours, looking forward to hearing how you did in each event.


In for this. Best of luck at the comp Flip.


Yea guys, honestly this show will be anticlimactic, unless a surprise entry signs up between now and Saturday. My log press is 30+ lbs better than the next strongest guy, deadlift is probably 50+ better, I’m a top 2 or 3 stone lifter in the state, and the Thor’s hammer should be very good for me as well. And then I’ll come in last in the carry. lol. I just don’t expect any surprises, given the gap between me and the other guys competing. Regardless, I will share the results.

As a side note, there are no carries at nationals this year. Holy shit, that is awesome. It’s SO well suited to my strengths. The only event that I don’t do well is circus dumbbell, and I can work on that.

Water cut starts in about an hour. I’ll be drinking 2 coors lights around 1:00, having my last meal right now. Which is just chicken. I’ll eat handfuls of unsalted almonds as necessary to keep me feeling alright throughout the evening. I only have to lose 10ish lbs, so not so bad.


In for this Flip :slight_smile:
Good luck this weekend.
Then the challenge for you will be, to not finish last on the carries :slight_smile:


Is that to accelerate dehydration? I’ve never cut water or anything so genuinely curious.


Was literally just quoting this to ask the exact same thing, ha! And if yes, guess who’s having a few beers today :joy:


in for the beers :slight_smile:


that’s exactly what it is. And I can go into a little more detail.

I go through a water loading process that goes through Thursday morning (today), for Friday morning weigh ins. So right now, I’m still drinking a ton of water. at 1pm, I will drink 2 beers and 3 dandelion root caps. Both are diuretics. The beers also just make things more enjoyable. lol.

After that, dehydration begins. If I really need it later, I’ll take sips of water from time to time, but just enough to get by.

Because this is only 10 lbs, if I can be disciplined enough to basically not eat anything tonight, I shouldn’t need to do anything else but what I’ve described above. I’ll go to bed about 2-3 lbs overweight, and by the morning I should be where I need to be. That’s kind of my marker. Sauna or hot bath time is used if I’m not at that number. So, let’s say around 9pm, I’m weighing 187 lbs. That’s not good enough, I need to weigh 184 or less before bed. So, I would get in an extraordinarily hot bath, and submerse my whole body. I’ve heard of epsom salt being used as well, haven’t done that. I will get in for 10ish minutes, whatever I can stand. I may lose half a pound during that time. But I’ll lose an additional pound in the next 30 minutes after I get out and immediately towel myself dry. Because the bath is so hot, your heart rate increases, and you continue to sweat. So the real magic happens after each bath session, not during. So, I would repeat this process until I meet the required weight.

If you want to, you can do additional sessions the next morning, but I prefer to get it all done at night, and get to my weigh in as early as possible to begin the rehydration process. I don’t like leaving things to chance. So, after I step off the scale, I’ll immediately start drinking pedialyte. I’ll drink 2 liters over the next couple hours, along with having a big, salty meal of some sort. Plenty of carbs as well. You have to start getting carbs and minerals into the body quickly so that the water you drink actually gets stored by the body. Otherwise, you’ll keep pissing it out, and you can end up very weak the next day. Mineral restoration is key and often overlooked.

On Saturday morning, by the time I’m actually ready to lift around 10am, I’ll be between 195 and 200 lbs.

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Good post. Just bookmarked this for future water cutting!

Just a few general questions/comments.

  1. Are your current state records in the 181 or 198lb class?
  2. 265lbs is a heck of an axle clean and press.
  3. I think I read it in your last log somewhere, but what is your biggest weakness with the farmer’s carries? (Foot speed if I remember correctly?) 200lbs per hand seems like a manageable weight for this, is there a turn or multiple turns?


the records are 181.

Thanks man! I was pretty darn happy with that one. I learned continental cleaning over the 2-3 months prior to the comp. Prior to training for that comp, my max was done with a power clean, lol.

So, yes, it’s speed. I’m so fucking slow. If it was a grip event, I would win. I could hold it forever. Drops never happen. There is a turn as well, but honestly, that’s not my issue. It’s that I’m so unstable and shaky walking with implement (doesn’t apply to front carries for some reason). I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before that I attribute it to not having a real athletic background, and for never previously devoting energy to training movement like this. All the athletic things in strongman are tough for me. I can’t perform a jerk properly, Carries suck. I can toss a keg higher than just about anyone, but nailing the direction is so challenging for me. Stuff like that.


Interesting stuff, thanks for the details!

Good luck this weekend (though it sounds like you won’t need it), looking forward to the recap.


Really interesting to see the pre show protocol and ritual for a strongman show, good luck brother! Kill it!

I use super hot epsom baths and would lose a lot of water weight just in the bath alone, I’d come out looking very tight with veins everywhere, the epsom salt helps a lot with soreness. Not sure I’d recommend trying it before a competition, but maybe during a normal week to see how you react.


good to know, i’ve seen them recommended before, and have friends who have done it successfully. I just haven’t ever had to cut so much weight to need to do things perfectly, so I haven’t ‘pulled out all the stops’. TBH, i mostly half ass it. I can be more strict on the things I do to lose more weight. This would be one of those things. If I compete in nationals as a 181, I’d likely be cutting closer to 20 lbs, so I would have to take the water cut more seriously. Something I’ll try at some point before then, for sure!


made weight this morning! eating all day today.

So I suppose I should outline my post-weigh in routine now. I’ve had some trial and error with this, and I’ve come up with a routine that works very well for me. I’ve consistently showed up to shows post-cuts and put up numbers that reflect my best gym lifts and PR’s. I feel like I get something of a rebound effect after a water cut for a show.

There are 3 mistakes I see people make with post-weigh in dieting. One is drinking WAY too much, too fast, after stepping off the scale. Even after severe dehydration, your body won’t process more than around a liter an hour. So that’s what I aim for. If I start pissing every 30 minutes, I’m drinking too fast.

The 2nd mistake is not taking in enough minerals. Like magnesium, sodium, and potassium. Your body won’t hold the water you’re drinking if you don’t replenish these, and you aren’t likely to get enough just from ‘regular’ food. I literally eat handfuls of salt during the day before competing, and I bring it to the show.

The 3rd mistake is eating shitty food. This seems obvious, but some people (a lot of people) will eat any and every thing in sight. Greasy burgers and fries, bbq, whatever. You’re not going to do your digestive system any favors eating shitty food.

So here’s what I do. I step off the scale and start sipping a pedialyte to begin restoring minerals and water. Once I get through this, I generally eat a waffle, eggs, butter, syrup, and a glass of orange juice. plus water. basically a bunch of things that are easy on my stomach, and carb heavy. Carbs are just as important as minerals for retaining and using water in the body. So your first meal post weigh in should be carb heavy. I also salt the hell out of my eggs. I avoid coffee because I don’t want a diuretic in my system.

When I start to feel not so full, I’ll drink my second pedialyte. I’ll follow that up with another meal, and I have a little more freedom on that. Today I’ll be eating beef, rice and vegetables. Again, salting heavily.

I’ll drink my 3rd and last pedialyte an hour or so later. Then a big sushi dinner. I process sushi very well, and the macros line up with what I’m looking for. Very ‘clean’ food, high quality proteins, rice is great, and then the soy sauce for sodium. I’ll spend the evening with a gatorade in my hand.

Breakfast Saturday morning will be just like what I ate Friday for breakfast, if my stomach is up for it. If it’s not, I’ll eat something lighter like cereal or oatmeal. Sometimes, anxiety gets to me. And I can’t eat.

I can’t eat at all during a competition. Just doesn’t work for me. I end up drinking 6-8 scoops of plazma throughout the show to keep me going. Plus handful of salt after each event.


Excellent breakdown. Good luck tomorrow. Get vids if you can.


Awesome information in that thread;)

Good luck for tomorrow.


The first time I ever performed with my old band on stage I was trying to eat a bagel with cream cheese prior to the show. It may as well have been a rock with mud. Hate that feeling haha.