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OK, Let's Lift! And 1 and 2 and 1 and 2


Badass. That seems to be the consensus, been looking out for them. From your PL background, having two 1rm events seems to be about as smooth of a transition as one could hope for between the two sports.


TBH, I’ve had to put a lot of work into my log press to get it up to par. It was definitely a terrible event for me for awhile. Earlier this year I really struggled with an empty 12" log (170 lbs). I don’t think PL translates well to log pressing without a lot of technique work. The best event for me in this show will likely be my deadlift for reps. Deadlift is my strongest lift in every strongman show, whether it’s a max or for reps. The front squat is something that should be good for me, but there are so few strongman shows that incorporate any squatting movement at all that I don’t really have a good way to know how I stand. As you might guess, moving events are a huge weak point for me. The upside to this show is that both are ‘move the implement until you drop it’, and the one thing I do well with in movement events is holding on, lol. So we’ll see how it goes.


Makes sense, log is just one of those things I guess. The log I trained on was a slightly smaller diameter (maybe only an inch or so) than the competition log and it felt like a different lift. Haha, well then sounds like you be in the running (pun cheesily intended) on the moving event. Cool that it’s Texas-shaped, hopefully the winner will get to take it home as a trophy.


I took 3rd overall.

1st event - log press - 2nd place. 10 lbs out of first, and I just missed at lockout. Got 255, missed 265. One guy got 265, I tied for 2nd.

2nd event - deadlift 405 for reps- 1st place - got 18 reps, won the event by 4 reps.

3rd event - conan’s wheel - last or 2nd to last. this was terrible, and I should have pushed myself to go a little further. The 2nd event really gassed me, and I was trying to save something for the last 2 events. In hindsight, I probably could have taken 2nd or maybe even 1st overall if I had pushed this one further. The problem was that for some reason they had me going first in this event, even though I had won the previous event. That’s not what was supposed to happen.

4th event - front squat - 1st place - 395 lbs for 3rd attempt. I opened at 355, did 375 for my 2nd attempt since everyone else ran out of attempts at this weight, then just did what I needed to win with 395. Didn’t even wrap any attempt, and 395 flew up. I could have certainly gotten 415 unwrapped, and could have gone mid 400’s or so with wraps. So basically dominated this event.

5th event - hussafel stone - I put everything I had into this one. I was slow as fuck, and held on for the full 60 seconds. Got 3 laps done, which far exceeded my expectations. They didn’t end up using a TX shaped stone. Just regular Hussafels. This was a fucking beating, but I have no regrets on it. I was 2nd going into this event, and dropped to 3rd after.

Overall: Really pleased with my performance, and I know I can do better the next time. I made a ton of progress on the log over the last 6 weeks, and I should be pushing closer to 300 soon enough. I’m still dominating deadlift events, and I should be able to do so on future squat events. It’s time to really focus on moving events and get myself to at least an average level there. If I can start finishing middle of the pack on moving events, I should be able to win a show soon.


That’s some bullshit on the Conan’s wheel. Everyone knows the winner of the last event goes last. Knowing the mark to beat on an event like that especially is huge.

Moral victory for having thr strongest back as always though.


It was stupid. I honestly should have said something when they called out the order. It was definitely irritating to take a 1st and a 2nd on the previous 2 events and still have to go first on the event where it realllllly made a difference. But it is what it is. At the end of the day, I still need to get stronger anyway. 2nd place would have qualified me for nationals, which would have been cool, but A) I wouldn’t go to nationals even if I was qualified, and B) If I did go, I’d get crushed.


I think this sums up how everyone needs to look at results and training. Good work mate.


Just a little update. I tried a stone of steel this weekend, and worked up to 265 without failing once. That was pretty awesome. It’s a good event for me. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for future shows involving this implement. Also did some Yoke walks (did these last week as well), some back squatting (worked up to 455x3), some deadlifting (worked up to 555x1), and just missed a 260 log again. I’ll get it soon. Oh, and I did some clean and jerk practice with a barbell this week as well. Trying to find some explosiveness in me… Not finding it yet…



I can’t believe it’s been 2 1/2 months since I last logged anything.

So here’s where I’m at right now. My bodyweight is in the mid 180’s, which is crazy low for me. However, it’s not the worst thing in the world, as my strength is still pretty good. For strongman purposes, I could legitimately consider doing a show at 175. I’d be a pretty huge 175 guy.

Recent PR’s are as follows: 495x2 squat. very proud of that one. I loaded a 300 lbs stone onto a 40" platform, and had plenty of height on it. Trap bar deadlifted 590x5, with several reps left in the tank (same day as the 300 stone). My bench is garbage. Probably around 360 or 370. Deadlift is probably still close to 600. Squat is 530-560, somewhere in there. And I’m lean as fuck. Physique is arguably the best it has ever looked.


Lifted a 110 circus DB this weekend. I believe that’s the best I’ve done. If I want to be able to compete in a show that has circus DB as an event, I need to be able to do AT LEAST 130 lbs, and probably for reps.

I suck at the continental clean. I need to put some real time into learning this. I can power clean more than I can consistently continental clean.

I loaded a stone of steel at 180 lbs over a 50" bar for 5 reps in 20.3 seconds. I’m very happy about that. Didn’t have to lap any reps.

And finally, I did farmers walks at 240 per hand, 260, and 300. I got 240 for 40 feet no drops with decent speed. Had 1 drop on the 260 handles. Much slower, and I stumbled into the drop. I got 300 for a few feet. Like less than 5. But I at least took some steps. I"ll call this improvement.


I managed to go from a total garbage continental to 300lbs in 3 months prepping for my most recent show.

Once a week, I would do a 10 minute EMOM workout of just continental triples, like this

This was a stand alone conditioning workout.

Then, one other day a week, I’d work up to a max single or triple. This was usually at the end of my workout.

I would rarely ever press after the continental; my focus was purely on perfecting the movement.

See if that helps out.


All good stuff man.

As long as you’re still kicking ass, I think we can forgive you the lack of consistent logging…


I think this would be a really good idea for me. I should probably prioritize the axle prior to getting my circus db up to bar, since axle comes up waaaay more than circus db seems to in comps around here.


Been quite awhile since I logged over here. I’ve been logging sporadically in the T-ransformation log, but I’d like to become consistent again with the logging.

So just a few updates and a few recent PR’s to get back into things.
I’m weighing right at 198 in the mornings right now, and very lean.
I’ve got a comp next weekend, competing in the 200 class.
the events are:

a 220 log press for reps, which is what i did in my last comp.
a 120 circus db for reps
a max frame deadlift, 12" pick height
a frame, duck walk medley, with weights of 430 and 220, 60 feet each
a semi truck pull. harness+ rope

this will be a very tough comp, and I’m only kind of prepared. I’ve gotten my log press a little better than it was in my last show. I think a reasonable target for reps would be in the 7-8 range. I’ll hit a set this weekend to confirm that is where I’m at. I think I’ll be ok with 3 reps on the circus db. 4 would excite me, and I don’t really see 5 happening.
the frame should be in the 700 range. I should win that.
I want a top 3 finish in the carry medley, and I think that’s within reach.

No clue on the truck pull. There is one competitor who I know walks around at more like 220 lbs, and I think if he shows up to the contest at that higher bodyweight, he’ll have an advantage here. I’ll see what I can do though.

Other PR’s include… nothing with regular bars. lol. I lifted a 310 stone of steel with no tacky towel or sleeves. Pretty proud of that one. The circus db is a huge improvement from 6 weeks ago, when I couldn’t get a single rep with comp weight. Whatever I get on the frame deadlift will likely be a PR. I’ve gone up to 670 and definitely not been at my max. I’ve had knee problems recently so I’ve avoided a true max on that.


We’ve heard this before.


You had me at “and 1 and 2” :smiley:


Always enjoy your posts.


hey guys! got my last 2 training sessions in before my comp. now taking the rest of this week off for recovery until Saturday. Planning on getting a massage tonight.

Saturday I did a couple short sprints with comp weight on the frame. Feels shitty, but whatever. I’ll do my best.

Worked up to a 660 frame deadlift with no problems. The weight jumps are 30 lbs jumps, so, depending on where everyone else opens, I’m planning on starting around 630-640, just to be safe (since the pick height is 4" lower than what I’ve practiced on).

Hit the log for 6 reps at comp weight. Not my best performance, but meh. I know I’ll do better on comp day, with all the recovery/eating that will be happening this week :slight_smile:

Sunday I went in again just to do a few non-competition things. A bunch of folks were doing axle ohp, and I hadn’t even touched an axle in months, but I said fuck it might as well. Just did a 225 power clean and strict press, felt good, and quit. lol. no reason to risk injury there.

Also did some atlas stones to platform. Worked up to 285, no tacky, and cut it off there. Definitely not doing a risky event with a heavy weight this close to comp.


Smart man! Good luck at the competition!


Good luck Flip!