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OK, Let's Lift! And 1 and 2 and 1 and 2


3 workouts to log. I deadlifted for the first time in forever. Worked up to a tough single at 565.

I bench pressed. Up to 295 I believe, did sets of 5ish. I don’t remember exactly what I did.

video is from my squat day on Friday. Worked up to 405x5, then 455x6. Then 3 more sets of 405x5. All of my sets at 405 were paused at the bottom on my last rep. That part was fun.


bench on Monday. Worked up to a single at 365.

Deadlift yesterday. worked up to 495x5. Not super happy with that but whatevs. I need to stop doing deadlift the day after bench. Too much chest strain. I was strong enough for more reps on the deadlift, but the chest strain was significant. had to be safe.

I finished yesterday’s workout with those reverse sit up things. I guess back extensions? Anyway, I wrapped a couple bands around my neck and attached them to the bottom of the machine. This was KILLER. The back pump was unreal for a full 20 minutes afterward. But well worth doing, I’m going to do these every deadlift session and see how it goes. Also did incline sit ups supersetted with these.


Hey look. I still lift.

I didn’t realize how long it’s been since I updated this! But I know why May is when I stopped logging. Let’s talk about my life for a bit…

In May, I moved out of my house, because I decided I could no longer live with my wife. I slept on a friend’s couch for just over a month. I did not train a whole lot during this time. Life was kinda rough. After that period of time, I moved back into my house, and she moved in with a friend of hers. That was in June. Without going into more detail than I need to, we’ve been moving her stuff out of the house and preparing to sell it. Once it’s sold, we will be moving towards getting a divorce settlement on paper.

I’m back to training regularly now. I’ve found some semblance of a training groove, and I’m trying to be as consistent as I can. It keeps me sane, and I really need it right now. I signed up for a strongman show at the end of August to give myself something to be working towards.

The events are: Max front squat
Max log clean and press
deadlift 405 for max reps
conans wheel, no drops, for distance
hussafel stone (shaped like texas)… I believe also for distance. Weight will be 275 on this one. It’s really fucking heavy.

Hoping to get 1 session done with the conan’s wheel. There’s one available about 45 minutes from where I live. Expecting 230 or so out of the log press. I’m not so great at it. I’ve front squatted 405 wrapped, and 375 unwrapped. I’m hoping for something close to 440. I got 14 reps with a stiff bar on the deadlift recently. Goal is around 18. I’ve carried a 250 hussafel stone.

Anyway. Thanks for listenin :wink:


Sorry to hear about the life troubles, hope that it all works out & moves to a better place.

Here’s hoping that training can continue to provide a positive outlet.

All the best, man.


I really appreciate it. Training has always been there for me, for more than a decade now. It helped me get through drug addiction 10 years ago, and it will help me now.


Sorry to hear man, all the best and I know you’ll pull through.


Sorry to hear about your struggles man. I wish you all the best moving forward!

The contest sounds great. Will the front squat be judged like you would judge in a powerlifting contest or do I have to imagine it like at wsm where you either use an apparatus or the weights have to touch a bar or something?
I hope your prep will help you get through this rough time.


My understanding is that it will be judged by PL standards, have to break parallel. regular bar.


I suppose I’ll be Mr. Positive and congratulate you on making what I’m guessing is a necessary move at this stage. After a few months of coping with my break-up last year in an unhealthy manner, it has been nothing but progress for me since.

Wishing you the same, Flip! Well, except for the unhealthy coping part, even though it was kind of fun too.


Appreciated. Divorce should be a good thing. Otherwise, why do it, right? I chose to go this route because I strongly believe that I have a better life in front of me if I go through the rest of my life without my current wife by my side. There’s plenty about the process that’s difficult, but I wouldn’t be doing it if I didn’t think the end would be positive.


My biggest mistake was not doing it sooner. We’ve actually remained friends since. We don’t do anything together, but we stay in touch and help each other out occasionally.

I’m not sure what your level of pettiness is compared to mine, but some things that helped me cope include…

Getting an attractive roommate 18 years younger than my ex.
Taking a job at her favorite bar and flirting with attractive women in front of her.
Meeting goals and living well. That one really stings 'em.


well, I’ll certainly be staying in touch with her… We have a 2 year old son. So there’s that. It forces me to take the high road. I can’t set that kind of example for the kiddo. We’ve agreed to never say negative things about each other to/around him, and we will limit negative talk with friends as much as possible to reduce the animosity/tension.

We don’t hate each other. Some of the things she’s done over the last few weeks have pushed me more in that direction, but I have to keep that under control.

That being said, your ideas are wonderful :slight_smile:


Stay strong mate. That’s a great attitude to have and your son will benefit a lot from it. So will you.


Figured I should try to keep my log up again going forward. Had a session Tuesday night. Front squats. Worked up to several doubles at 335. Continuing to get more comfortable with this lift. I’ve never had to warm up the way I do with these, but the upper body mobility is such an issue (shoulders and wrists mostly). Once I’m really warm, it goes ok. I tried wearing my light wrist wraps this time and they helped with comfort and stability, so I think I’ll keep using them. Felt like I had a stronger grip on the bar when I used them. Will try wrapping again next week and move something over 400 lbs.


Couple sessions to log.

Deadlifted for reps again at 405. Got 14 reps, still using a stiff bar. Turns out touch and go will not be ok at the show, must come to a dead stop every lift, so that gives me a better idea of how my number should hold up. Gonna be real hard to go much faster than what I’m doing, and still get a legit pause between reps. This should be my strongest event (as usual. I hate not winning deadlift events).

On Sunday I hit a huge log pres PR. It was either a 20 or 30 lbs PR, and it flew up. Got 240. Also cleaned 260 after, but missed the press. Everything came together on the 240. Didn’t spend too much time with the log lapped, or on my shoulders. Got in position, got strong leg drive, and had plenty of speed to avoid any sticking point. My thought is to open at 220, probably 240 for the second attempt, and depending on how that goes, pick a 3rd.


Competition is this Saturday! A few things to note: A week ago I hit a 250 log press. I should have hit a 260 2 days ago, but I blew all my energy cleaning a 300 lbs log (unsuccessfully, but just missed at the very top). Anyway, I feel ok about this event. I also hit a 365 bench recently, which was good considering I basically haven’t been benching at all over the last couple months.

So my session 2 days ago was really a solid prep for this weekend. I ran through 3 of the actual events. Started with the log, and hit 240 for the 3rd week in a row, so I’ll probably open with 230 just to be safe. But I feel great about this. I did my 1 minute deadlift event next, and hit 15 reps. That’s also the 2nd event in the comp. I didn’t practice carries at all, because I need more recovery time for my biceps. But I did a farmers handle deadlift, and hit 720 on that. Then, I hit a 365 front squat. Front squat will be the last event in the comp, so I needed to figure out an opener for that. Something I can hit in a fatigued state. I believe 365 should be fine, but I’ll drop it lower if I feel unreasonably fatigued.


That’s some serious work with the log, man.

Good luck in the comp!


Good luck in the competition! Is that Bryan Barret’s show in Arlington or something? I’m a little jealous, wanted to sign up for that one but can’t really travel at the moment. What class are you competing in?


yea dude. Barret’s shows are always good. He’s doing a lot these days. I’ll be in the under 200 class. I’m walking around in the mid 190s right now. So a little underweight but whatevs.


Woke up at about 196 lbs the last couple days, so weight is zero concern at this point. Feeling good, and essentially pain/injury free, for once.