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OK Labs, But Need Guidance

Ok last year I had my labs taken and everything was “in range” but the clinic did not take a few important labs such as SBGH, Free t, T3 free and reverse, DHT. I am going back to them and redoing my labs with these additional tests to see if we can find an answer as to what is wrong. The doctor wanted to send me to a sexual therapist but it is not a mental thing, I have failed to get an adequate erection with quite a few girls and I can’t even get a full erection during masturbation, last morning wood I had was maybe 5 months ago.

I live in a small town and this doctor is the only anti aging clinic in the whole area for about 4 hours. If my new labs show something questionable how would be the most reasonable way to have him allow me a run on trt before he tries to send me to a therapist again? It’s been so many years since I have felt normal, its crossing my mind to do trt on my own but I know that is the wrong decision. Any advice would greatly be appreciated. I am placing my previous labs here from last year to see if you guys see anything I could discuss with him before our actual appointment. All symptoms are still there and some have worsened.

Im 32 years old, did a minor cycle of anavar steroid when I was 21 and since then not the same sexually or mentally. I am fit, good diet, exercise regularly, social drinker.

Here is my results Expected
FSH +LH profile 5.5 MIU/ML 1.3-11.4
Luteinizing Hormone 6.1 MIU/ML 1.2-7.8
Hemoglobin 5.3% 4.0-5.6
Prolactin 5.0 NG/ML 3.0-30.0
Testosterone 552 NG/DL 292-1052
TSH 1.6 UIU/ML 0.5-4.7
Estradiol 20.2 pg/ML 10-42
Estrone 18.1 pg/ML 9-36
Total Estrogens 38.3 pg/ML 19-69
PSA 0.6 <4.0
free psa 0.30
% free psa 50
Lipid Panal
Cholesterol 190 MG/DL <200
Triglycerides 55 MG/DL <150
HDL Cholosterol 77 MG/DL >39
Calculatd LDL Chol 102 MG/DL <100
Risk Ratio LDL/HDL 1.32 Ratio <3.55

Symptoms (from other thread)

  1. My balls for the first few years shrunk and fluctuate during the day to different sizes (still smaller then what they once were). When I ejaculate my balls literally disappear for a few minutes. Also if I have to do the restroom (#2) my balls will shrivel away until after I have gone to the restroom.

  2. No morning wood, I rarely have morning wood, I may have it once every 2 to 3 months, obviously when I was younger had nearly everyday.

  3. Weak erections that cant be maintained, poor orgasms, and lack of drive. When I ejaculate my erection litterer will be gone during orgasm

  4. Very emotional! I feel like a women on PMS, I cry at movies, tv shows, etc, get moody over the littlest things.

  5. Memory Fog, I will say something then forget it a minute later, same for writing things, if I go somewhere I will forget why I even went at times.

  6. No facial or body hair (all though I assume this is just genetic)

  7. Lack of drive, dont care to do anything.

It would be good to see your FT and range.

Did you ever see this: Questions Regarding TRT/ Secondary Hypogonadism

The stickies are now links in the 2nd post of the one sticky in this forum.

Update! Got my blood work done friday with FT and other important labs. Will post an update as soon as I get them.

I did try a HPTA restart many years ago but did not get labs done and felt pretty much the same. Depending on these labs may try it again (or request trt if low)

Better to test E2, not total estrogens.

LH and FSH seem good. Does not explain symptoms re testes.
Do your testes hang normally at times or scrotum pulled up all of the time?

Low thyroid function can present most of the same symptoms as low T.
Do you use iodized salt and/or multi-vits that list iodine+selenium?
Do you get cold easily?
Outer eyebrows sparse?
General hair tinning?
You could check oral body temperatures as per the Thyroid Basics Explained link.

Got e2 sensitve tested. My scrotum is pulled up the majority of the time, would say 70% of time, 30% hang normal.

Yes, I use iodized salt.
I do get cold easily, usually in the mornings though
Not really on the eyebrows
Dont think my hair is thinning
Will go out and buy a thermometer .

Hopefully this test will help find a solution to my issues

LH or hCG seems to be responsible for the scrotum allowing the testes to hand low. Part of that is the weight of the testes. Your LH/FSH is quite good. An other factor could be DHT, but that is guessing, trying to figure out what is going on.

I got a call from the lab this morning, their was an error with my DHT, so should get the results on that after getting my blood drawn again. The mild cycle I did many years ago was anavar only (DHT based steroid) that put me in this situation. Maybe the anavar messed something up with my DHT? Should have results soon