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Ok, Judaism then

How do Jewish readers view this site? Are there really that many or few of us?

whats the problem-your supposed to be healthy and t-mag keeps me healthy and motivated. r steroids against judaism maybe maybe not. your not allowed to cause harm to your body but some might argue that if u use steroids the right way there is no long term harm-either way they arent for me and who am i to judge others

i was only posing the question b/c i keep seeing religion thrown onto the post and how it affects people’s decisions.

I’m Jewish

I’m a card carryin club member.

Not jewish, but I was interested in the way some people have responded to both posts. Immediately, some became defensive about the site. Specifically, out of nowhere, they began to defend steroids. Is that what you think of first about this site? I guess I think of the training articles, but then again I skip the steroid articles and posts. I just thought it odd that out of the blue people would start energetically defending steroids, when I haven’t seen anyone speak against them on either of the posts. Just an observation that struck me funny. The only negative comment came from Paul, so far. Though from the wording I believe Paul to be a wolf in sheep’s skin. Anyways, my advice to fellow religious (jew, christian, or muslim)is to read post title’s and article title’s. Usually, that will be enough to make a decision whether it will be your cup of tea. You will be able to garner some valuable training and diet advice from this site.

i see your point about steroids… my mistake-i think the whole question in the 1st place was stupid!!!