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Ok Ive made my Decision!

I am going to purchase the Anabolic Super Stack of Mag-10, Tribex, and M. I am just going to hold it around awhile until I feel like I really need it and feel comfortbal using it. I have been on my diet for 2 months now, and been working out serious for 1 year. I have not seen the gains I want. I have been researching over these products and will continue to do so. But I think this is what I want. After hearing great results from everyone else, I thought I could give it a try as well. No Steroids For Me, but I do wanna get as close as I can and stay Legal. I really hope you support my decision, but if not, Its totally cool with me. I would love any type of info you would like to share. Please NO FLAMING. I dont think I deserve that. Thanks for all your help, and God Speed!!


I definately don’t think you’re ready for Mag-10. Its cool that you’re gonna hold onto it and all, but let’s try and get the most bang out of our beginner’s buck by taking a look at your diet right now.

You said you didn’t get the gains you wanted to.

I’m guessing either 1) you’re not eating enough calories of the right type to get those gains or 2) you got good gains but have MUCH too high expectations. Rarely is 2 true.

So…this is up ot you, but if you throw up your exact goals, your bodyfat, height ,weight ( I think 6’1", 190?) and your current caloric total and diet breakdown, there would be a ton of people here that would be able to make sure you’re headed in the right direction, Mag-10 or NOT.

Give us your stats, age, numbers, diet, routine etc so we can better advise you how to go about with the anabolic stack.

As long as you follow the recommended dosage and get your diet in track and supplement with a good training routinw, you can find a multitude of programs that will work well with mag-10

good luck

2 months is nothing for a diet. And how many calories are you taking in. Have you tried massive eating? It just seems to me that you want muscle the easiest way. I am a little older than you and sometimes I get tempted to get 4ad or mag10 but I have quite a bit of growth left before then. Would you not rather gain the muscle naturally for now at least? Do what you want but if I were you I would not get it. I bet everyone else will agree with me. Bottom line is your 18, eat, lift and growth will happen.