OK!!! I Like ephedrine - it doesn't make me a heretic

I’ve been with you since issue one, I even rember getting a mail from T-mag
telling me about the new online magazine, AND you even sent me one of your early T-mag posters, which i really appreciated and may i add impressed me AND created a certain customer loyalty as i’m based in the UK.

I have at certain stages tried all your products, but religiously take LOW
CARB GROW & TRIBEX ( I miss the GROW BARS). I’ve tried HOT-ROX which…ROCKS but at an Approximate cost of ?100 per bottle (i’ll leave the
?/$ exchange to you) whilst it works does prove a little hard on the

So let me get to my point - i’m not expecting you to act as a consumer
champion but i’d i’d like to raise the issue with your readership of the
realities & hardships of getting hold of it in the UK.

In the UK you have two choices, you are either Pro-active in determining
the state of your own health or well-being OR you abdicate responsibility for
your own health into the hands of the doctors (believe me I know - I work
for the NHS and I have respect for the former, the latter…I’ll leave you
to imagine) I train hard, i eat clean, I supplement my diet in order to cost the tax payer less and more importantly because I have respect for myself and GODDAM I like lookin good Nekid!!!

Originally I had a very open minded GP, who if you presented him with the
relevant research prescribed me with ephedrine on prescription (it helped
that i was asthmatic).

Then I went to University, New GP, same research, negative results.

Thats when I started ordering ephedrine from Ephedrineforsale - originally they were great, but this year I placed an order in June and waited and waited and…waited.

It was only after I contacted my credit card company that Ephedrineforsale got back in touch asking why i’d requested a credit refund - This was the only time they got back in touch after months of weekly followed by almost daily emails to them querying the state of myorder with NO response until I asked for a refund.

Hot-Rox for me is a luxury i can’t afford, but if you publish this either
on-line or in forums, i would appreciate any feedback from T-mag readers who maybe able to point me in the direction of reliable sources for my fat burning needs.

Thats it

I wait in hope.

Tom Joyce

I have used a lot of ephedra for various purposes - for allergy/sinus infection/bronchial conditions, to lose fat, and (sadly) just because I like that energetic feeling. When I finally decided not to use it any more, I felt like garbage. No energy. In fact, I felt so bad for so long, I began to wonder it I would ever feel good again (there’s a thread somewhere about this). I think I exhausted my adrenals.

I have also used Hot-Rox.

I’m feeling better now, and this time around I’m dieting without any supplements. It can be done! If you want to be proactive about your health, I recommend that you re-consider ephedrine. I’m not saying it’s “dangerous,” I don’t think it should be banned and unavailable for the people who intelligently and occasionally want to use it; but there are drawbacks to consider.

That is very true. I was using ECA quite a bit but I find that I cycle off of it just because I run out and don’t get around to getting any more. I find that its effects are far more pronounced when I’m off it for a while. I would think its more effective for short cycles where you have a specific goal in mind (like fat loss). If its around too much for me it becomes a crutch for energy…