ok..i gave up!i cant give up cochclote and sweet!sp when is the best time to eat this crap?

i have tried it all!!i try to minmize my carbs,tried the p+F,p+C meals,tried
bubble gum after meals…tried hot drinks…preety much evrything!im steel
craving for sweets and cocokolath!since my body fat is only 10% so i want to now when is the liss harmful to eat this crap?and if this is bad in others ways expact body fat wise?becuse if that is the only price i need to pay so i can kive with it becuse i dont get realy fat from this{thanks god for good genetic!}

means you are not eating enough, or overtraining/not sleeping well.

you can call me btw.

Get rid of all that shit, develop an addiction for chocolate protein pow mixed like pudding will some nuts and a scoop of PB. Label that shit pussy-food and quit eating it ya’ big pussy!

I’ve never understood this complaint. I eat more chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavored foods than ever. Damn protien powders.

I’ve never been a real fan of sweet food and unforunately, I haven’t been able to find steak flavored protien powder for my PWO.

A troll he has been here before…

In my last order of Biotest goods from my local supplier they threw in a Carbolite Chocolate Bar that was pretty good. Not that I would eat one every day but if you have to… might as well minimize the impact.


alright dude wtf is a cocokolath???

sounds gay as hell.

not that there is anything wrong with that.

Didn’t you post something about a month ago on the exact same subject?

Give it a rest already!

1}i dident post in that subject merlin
so get off my back!

2}i think you dont understand that my
biggest problem is all the food stuff!
just wanted to now that if i eat this
stuff any way when will be the best time to eat this?bty-maybe i dont eat right but im still snatch 120kilo and clean and jerk 150 kilo sqaut over 200
and dead lift 220kilo…so before any one here calls me atroll or shit like this look at your self!

3)all i wanted is to hear your opinion
and of some want dont want to help so you can go fuck your self!{dave}

He’s not a troll, he’s an Israeli powerlifter who needs to work on his English a little. CT took him seriously, I don’t think he’s a fluke.

Amritspar, don’t sweat it, just eat chocolate and keep it to a minimum. Less = more. If you need to eat chocolate, eat chocolate, just do it and don’t ask. You know people here will just tell you to suck it up and not eat it, why bother asking?

If you have no health problems and naturally low bodyfat, there is nothing wrong with what you are doing. Obviously, your training + your genetics are keeping you lean regardless of your diet (although if you cut out most of your junkfood intake you could be even leaner).

Studies have shown that saturated fat/cholestrol increase natural testosterone production. Sorry, I don’t have the link to the material at the moment.

He’s not a troll. He’s from Israel and his English is bad. Get off his back.

I apologize. I just distinctly remembered seeing your name attached to something about eating chocolate a month ago. Didn’t mean to be rude. :slight_smile:

It sounds like you have a pretty fast metabolism and/or low bodyfat - like myself. Though I don’t care for chocolate or sweets very much personally, when I get a craving I don’t ignore it; I eat all I want and get good and tired of it.

My physique hasn’t suffered at all. Don’t know if that helps you or is irrelevant to your situtation, just my two cents.

thank you evryone i got the point!
i hope i can some day findagood diet for me…bty-i think im the living avidence that it is possible to eat crap and still make good reuslt…


Mah nishmah, chaver? H’kol b’seder?

Ochel et ha’Elite Chocolate, zeh b’seder, atah miviniim? Raq, ochel minimum, lo maximum! Gam lishtot harbeh Yoy’Vata!

Aych evreet shelee? Ra m’od, nachon? Ahni LO talmid tov…raq yehudi m’New York!


(This was a Hebrew message written with English characters, so T-Maggers…if you didn’t understand a word, iz coooool!)


littlejay-hkol tov gever…ahvti et heivrit selh…vken sokolad sel elit zh meole! :slight_smile:


You are soo not alone! Even when I keep my diet strictly in check, sometimes I feel like I would kill for one single piece of chocolate.
I personally try to find ways to fool my stomach. Sugar free hot chocolate, sugar free jello with whipped cream, sugar free pudding with protein powder…those are some of my stand bys. I usually make a big container of sugar free gelatin and keep it in the fridge for when I’m doing that hang around the fridge looking for something to munch bit. Also hot tea with sucralose works well for me.


it nice to here rebeaca!:slight_smile:
im going to try the jello stuff…
maybe it will help…thanks!

you know what Amit…im sorry for calling you a troll i could have swore you caused problems on here before,so don,t even think about telling me to go fuck myself my freind…