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OK, Honesty Now...What's Cheating?


on your healthy life style that is ... 1 beer 2 beers a binge (ie 6 pints or more and a pizza the next day ) .... and how many times ( year month )do you actually
go there . I want honesty not what you tell your wifes, gf's, husbands, bf's or even this forum :slightly_smiling:
me well I am tring to be good but give me a finger and i go the entire 100 yards if i get the chance :slightly_smiling:


It depends!
V-Diet = No cheating (Well I chew lots of gum and I had a 5-10 cherries I stole from the bar on Sunday if that counts?)

Normally I try to reserve a cheat meal for once a week. Drinking...if I do it I try to allocate the calories in my dag; e.g. plan ahead. It all works out in the end.


I say if you want to know, just look at your long term progress. If it's not good enough (is it ever?) than that probably means you should cut back on your cheating.


What is your idea of a healthy lifestyle? I eat pretty much whatever I want whenever I want it and don't think I live an unhealthy lifestyle. When on a diet, any meal other than a designated cheat meal is cheating. Speaking of, just eating a small pack of m&m cookies right now, they were the perfect size. Nipped my craving and not too bad for me. I'm gonna get reamed for this!



The past two weeks have been really bad for my diet. School just started back up and of course I had to go out to the bars with my buddies. I started to feel weak in the gym and immediatly put an end to it...it was a good two weeks tho.


I don't care what anyone says; blowjobs are NOT sex . . . !



Maybe I should learn how to read before I start posting... I'd say any deviation on your planned diet is cheating. Whether or not it has a profound effect on the outcome doesn't matter. Just like when you cheat on a girlfriend and she never finds out....is that really cheating?


what is a healthy life style
... well that'd be no smoking / no drinking / no drugs / no unprotected sex / no saturated fats / no processed foods / plenty of working out whether it be cardio or weights / plenty of sleep well i can go on here .. and I know that each of us will have atleast a problem with 1 of the above ( other wise your not human ) me I tend to be ok on the whole besides smoking the thorn in my side. However every 8th to 10th day I will go on a binge (ie 5 pints or more and have that pizza the next day and then feel terribly guilty about it)... either way it sort of helps me to keep sane


Not true.


What the hell kind of toppings do they put on Pizza in England? Cod Stomach and Goat Nuts?

Seriously though, it doesn't seem like your'e doing anything out of the ordinary unless you're going to be in a BB competition. Everybody both has and needs little vices to keep them sane. Like a previous poster said, if you have a known dietary vice and you aren't hitting your goals like you had hoped, then you should re-align your goals or cut back on the booze/food.



You can cheat diet all day and it's still not as bad as smoking. You are not leading a healthy lifestyle. You are worried about a couple beers but you smoke???

Good grief.


As a man of more than a few vices, I have to say, drinking messes up my lifting and body goals a lot more than smoking does. The drinking gets me fat, makes me much less effective the next day, and cuts down on the quality of my sleep. Smoking keeps me from drinking as much and makes me smell bad. And increases my risk of cancer . . . but that's for later in life. I guess you could call it a wash.


I think if not cheating adds a significant amount of stress in your life then it will ultimately be bad for you. There should be strict periods for one to achieve a goal, but in general, I keep my goals focused on feeling good and being relaxed in what I do. No sense in having a heart attack or stroke because you stressed yourself out about being healthy. In other words, have a clear picture of your goals and you will achieve them, just don't put so much pressure on yourself to achive them without bumps in the road, they will happen anyways, and a few semi planned ones can be fun and may even help you in the long run.



cool ... like the different aproaches on here.. just to get things straight... ( on who I am and where I come from)...

1) I have a serious history on substabce abuse.... (If you give me 2 fingers I will go the whole 10 yards ...) no joking ... i am bad ..

2 however .. in my private live I never and I mean never ..fucked up a relationship by cheating ... not even in the Clinton way.. now this doesnt mean that my relationships have been or are perfect but I make a point of making them last as i go from the premisses that people aint perfect.. now this might be wrong and I might be waisting my time by sticking with relationships , that i shouldnt .....

i had to much to drink all this is an issue but i dunno whether i am making any sense.. .


I don't wanna go all Reverend Reggie White on ya. But when you say this..........

It begs the question, how often do you do this?

I am pretty sure, the inability to call it quits once you pick up a glass, is
one of the classic symptoms of alcoholism, and you go so far as to state that you have a serious history of substance abuse.

I was a full-on classic drunk myself for 15 yrs, so I should have some idea what I am talking about.

\|/ 3toes