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OK foods on Fat Fast?

Hi Guys

On the Fat Fast diet… I was wondering what is the “maximum recommended” carb intake? Does it have to be as close to “0” as possible? I ask because Biotests Advanced Protein (which I am using) has 2 grams per serving, and at 6 servings a day thats 12 grams of carbs… add in two servings of the new Methoxy-7 and thats another 6 grams of carbs… so already that’s 18 grams on a typical Fat Fast Day. Almost ALL protein powders have at least 1 gram of carbs per serving too. I really, really like to have two tablespoons of natural peanut butter as a fat source for one of my “meals” but that’s at a cost of 7 grams of carbs. So even though each carb serving is small, they can add up through the day and I dont want to get booted out of ketosis. Also, what about “calorie-free” foods like diet ginger ale and pickles (both list no calories, and of course no carbs)? Will these kick me out of ketosis? Thanks.

Caffeine will kick you out of Ketosis, this is not a bad thing though. AS it will liberate fatty acids. I think ketosis is more a side effect of low carbs. The point of ketosis is not to see how far you can get in it, it’s to lose fat. But anything with low carbs should be fine as long as your getting your Omega-3’s

Brock, if you haven’t already answered this somewhere (and I looked), please chime in. I really wanna make sure I’m not screwing this FF thing up!

As for the ‘recommended’ maximum, I can’t answer. I’m not sure our science friends have provided us with a definitive value on this point. Just reading this site you’ll see disagreements among experts. Some say as long as you’re under 100 grams of carbs a day, you’ll be ketotic. Others say that anything over 30 grams will boot you out of ketosis. And I’ve never seen even these magic numbers accompanied by a description of the dieter in question. Are they talking about a 115 pound T-Vixen or a 230 pound T-Man? Body mass surely must figure into the equation somehow. I’ve set my personal limit to 30 grams per day and it seems to be working well enough for me. I’ve managed to stay under that without any difficulty – so far. I seem to be having no ill effects on ketosis from the occasional caffeine-free diet soda.