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OK Dose of hCG Or Not?

I know the optimal dose of hCG is 250iu E3D.

However, each glass vial comes with 1000iu and not covered by insurance.

I could preload to save, but, there’s arguments around that.

Otherwise, I’m throwing out 750iu E3D.

I’ve read people doing 500iu twice weekly as well as mega dosing 1000-5000iu all at once at the beginning of the month to preserve testicle size.

Doing 500iu twice weekly is $15ish and 250iu E3D without preloading is $55ish.

I guess if I’m saving so much on gas and can self inject, it’s negligible.

Which way would be best? And the “wake up” protocol?


Preload syringes and store in the refrigerator.

Should be using BA water, 0.9% benzyl alcohol which prevents any bacterial action. What is supplied for water?

250iu subq EOD is all that you need, 500 twice a week is more than needed. The large doses can mess things up. “Ive read …” is not a path to follow.

Cannot remember where you are located… important factor.
Have you tried to get 5000 or 10000iu multi-dose vials?

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My HCG comes in 1500iu/1ml amps, I usually transfer three or four into a sterile 5ml vial to making dosing easier.

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Thanks. Should be safe enough to do taking some precautions.

One “1mL” vial of the powder comes with one 1mL vial of the BA mixture which would keep the concoction safe for 30 days. But, since it’s in essentially an open container at that point (the top is broken off), the only way it seems that it could safely be stored is in preloaded syringes.

Would I start off with this amount from the get go, or would I blast, say 500iu or so to wake them up? Or will 250iu slowly wake them up and they’ll regain size?

Japan[quote=“KSman, post:2, topic:230629”]
Have you tried to get 5000 or 10000iu multi-dose vials?
They come in 1mL mixtures (as described above) in 1000iu, 3000iu, 5000iu, and 10000iu doses.

I really don’t know where on a slin syringe 250iu would fall if I draw from 1mL of 10000iu. It seems like it’d be a lot easier to eyeball 250iu from the 1000iu mixture (4 even syringes) than even 3000iu.

Unfortunately, there are no vials here (otherwise, I’d get my test in 10mL bottles) and I don’t think that I could even get them in the country.

For TRT, hCG is mixed 1ml water per 1000iu and then 1/4ml=250iu

" I don’t think that I could even get them in the country."
ask pharmacist about things like that

Or get vials of B-12 and inject mix of B-12 and hCG.