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Ok Chrissy Poo Wheres the Give away?!?!?!?

Ok Chrissy Poo, I guess that rumor thread really was a rumor. Very funny. I’ve been sittin here jammin my car keys into my eyes to pass the time for the new issue to come out, and …no giveaway, or contest, or spelling bee or anything. Great issue but still. I havnt been so disappointed since i found out that “3 HARD INCHES” isnt in fact average. Whats the deal T- Leader?

Read the Atomic Dog.

I read the Atomic dog but somehow that did not process as the giveaway.( guess we know who WONT be winning) It just occured to me how fast you responded ya must be puttin in a late night. (Me too) OK nother question (looking quite smarmy) how do we officialy register our t groups once we slap enogh of us poor bastards together? Also as you can tell from reading my post please do not ever have a spelling bee as a contest. Since i accused you wrongly you are no longer Chrissy Poo. But instead will have the honorary name of “scooty-pooper”. Hope that makes amends. Um…Great mag and . ah …stuff…yea…T-mag.woo-hoo!!!

BFA, I hope you win something… this was seriously the funniest thing I have ever read on this forum. I laughed for five minutes. “Chrissy Poo.” LOL