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OJ & Protein for Pre-Workout Nutrition


I am asking this here instead of in CTs thread on periworkout nutrition because I don't want to cramp their style...

For the terribly broke who want to improve their work out nutrition, could two cups of orange juice and a scoop of protein compare to Surge Workout Fuel? The two cups of OJ give you ~50 g of fast acting, biologically compatible sugars with tons of vitamins and nutrients. The scoop of protein delivers ~ 25 g of biologically active protein. These are easy on the stomach and provide, at least at face value, similar amounts of macronutrients that Surge Workout Fuel and other similar preworkout fuels. I agree that the formulated recipes probably have better proportions of simple + complex carbs.

Thoughts? I am really a terribly broke college student and I can't afford to be buying more supplements than Flameout and whey protein (both of which are in the "necessities" section of my budget).


It could potentially replace Surge Recovery, but not Surge Workout Fuel. Surge Workout Fuel isn't about carbs and protein.

I remember reading on the forums in the past that fruit isn't a good post-workout carb, due to the fructose needing to be processed by the liver. This is a longer than desired process, and you won't get the post-workout benefits of the carbs that you would if you consumed something faster-digesting.

CT has said in his forum that table sugar would be an okay poor man's PWO carb option.


First off, OJ isn't a "fast" carb. You'd be better of with a Coke. And, what are "biologically compatible sugars?" Sounds like you pulled that out of your ass.

As for your supplement budget, I believe in what CT said when he recommended giving priority to para-workout supplement over supps used other times of the day. I found myself doing this a while ago without really thinking about it.


i'm a broke college student as well hahah. when i've got an extra $50 laying around i'll get some Surge, but that's not often. typically 30 minutes before training i'll choke down about 30 grams of lean protein (whey powder, tuna, or chicken) along with some clean carbs with minimal fiber like yogurt, raisins, white rice etc. it's tough eating clean on a strict budget, but it can be done. i'm pretty sure OJ is pretty acidic and not the best choice preworkout. good luck


Give it a try! This is the only way to know for sure.



I am not trying to convince anyone, I am just wondering if it would work. The whole "biologically compatible sugars" thing was just to say that OJ is fairly natural, and so it should be easily digested/used by the body.

I don't use OJ Post workout- I have a recovery mix for that. Would the recovery mix be good for preworkout? It has sugars and carbs and protein?

I am going to try it out for my next squat day and report.


Actually most OJ is quite procesed fyi


good point, i guess it doesn't count if it is from concentrate. The sugars are probably similar to that found in real oranges tho, no?


so you guys are saying as last resort an ok post-workout drink could be
lets say cool aid and protein
like say isopure and kool aide which i admit sounds very tasty


Can someone just clear something up for me. In UK maltodextrin and dextrose are extremely cheap, yet on here people keep recommending orange juice, gatorade, tuna, kool aide and others. Which is cheaper in america?


Who recommended tuna as a replacement for maltodextrin and dextrose?

I think people recommend OJ and gatorade because they are extremely commonplace and easier to find.


bags of table sugar is like $1 for a pound

alot cheaper than anything else you can get


Cheaper than dextrose and maltodextrin?? How much do these cost?