Oily Skin & Scalp after Using Dbol 2 Months Ago

Any help with oily skin and acne. I stopped dinabol 2 months ago. And the problem is not going away.

What did you run with the dbol?

Hello ! Sustanon 250 mg every day. I was just taking 10 mg of dinabol every day. Thankyou

Correction sustanon 250 mg every week. Sorry

Hi all! I did stop dinabol 2 months ago which brought on this problem to begin with. Ever since I have only been on sus 125 once a week. Saw my derm gave me doxycycline. The problem is lingering and so terrible that I can’t even sleep without taking sleeping pills. Please help

So, oily skin is keeping you up at night? Please tell me that’s not what’s going on.

Yes the itchiness.

If it makes your skin itch so bad you can’t sleep. I dunno id just come off it. Thats one of those quality of life deals where you just find a different compound to run.

Hot shower to open the pores up and to remove dirt and clogs. Then turn the water cold. And stay in there long enough. Say 5-10 minutes. It’ll close the pores right back up. The skin will stop producing oil for a bit because the capillaries in your skin vasoconstrict to conserve core heat.

The cold makes a noticeable difference after 4-5 days if your doing it 2-3 times a day. Goodluck dude.

Just a little nod

Do u know of another form of test that is likely to cause this problem in low dose? Thankyou