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What exactly is the porpouse of flaxseed oils and fish oils? Is it only to get a quality fat source or am i mixing somethin?

EPA & DHA. I’d love to explain the difference, but you can run a search for it and it’ll be explained better than I could.

you are definitely “mixing” something.

EFA, essential fatty acids, just like we have essential aminos that our body can not produce on it’s own. that means that we have to consume these chemicals. Not only that, these EFAs are great for anabolism. laters pk

There is no porpouse of fish oils. “Porpouses” are mammals, not fish.

Although it’s true porpouses are mammals, as marine mammals is it not true they also contain some beneficial quantity of EPA/DHA much like the nutritious seals the Aleut’s so enjoy? Heb:“Enjoying 2 cans of dolphin a day since 85”.

I as well enjoy dolphin, but I find it much more satisfying eating much cuter animals such as baby cows and lambs.

To the poster:
#1: Try not to post while drunk.
#2: If in fact you are not drunk, go back to elementary school. I hear the short bus has an empty seat for you.
#3: Learn how to use T-mag’s search engine (or any search engine for that matter).

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