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Oils Good or Bad - How Do You Know???


Hey everyone I need some help hear. I wrote some other posts refering to my skin conditions and looking for an oral only stack. Well i've figured out how i can do IM injections. I'm hesitant in a way because I've been hearing so many horror stories of bad product or problems from injecting (lots of pain or bumps forming).

What good types of IM injectables are more painless and ones you don't have to do more than once a week. An also i'd have to inject in an area thats about 2inch by two inches or so. Can you inject into the same spot week after week or do you have to switch it up? I just don't wanna put dirt oil in my body or end up with a pain in the ass so bad I can't workout or sit down for a week. anyone with some advice???


Your not ready to be a champion.


thats was about as helpful as hey look the blue sky is blue!!! Any helpful advice? I've found lots of advice on here and through the search engine but not specifically what i'm asking.


What site have you determined will be OK? Test E is very smooth and painless when administered correctly but it requires 2x/w injections for even blood levels. It tends to be the staple AAS in cycles. In my experience prop hurts more and of course is out of the question for you with daily or EOD pinning.


Oils ain't oils...unless it's Castrol.




From the testosterones available to you i would suggest either a sustanon/omnadren blend or an Enanthate or Cypionate to be injected once weekly.

It isnt ideal, (but 2x/wk isnt either) and it'll work just fine... the reason for the "MORE FREQUENT INJECTION THE BETTER" 'rule' is due to the fact that it causes less peaks and troughs giving less incidence to side effects, which will still occur on an ED injection cycle BTW but they will be more................. stable! correct.



mobil 1 the oil of champions all over the world


about 4 inches or so the the right from the spine on the right glute and and inch or so down or on the outer sweep or the quad from the middle and up or down 3 or so inches. I'd prefer once a week, anything suffice? I'd rather do one painful one than two kinda painful ones, if possible.


this may be a little harsh but whatever.

we are trying to be the best we can be at any cost.

why are we being little bitches about all this?
suck it up take the risks or don't,choice is yours.

that's my serious advice.
every little girl sissy " oh I don't want to hurt myself post" I see the more I see I am better than before cause I am taking the risks I am running with them I am doing what I need to do to better myself,and not many people are ready for that.

I know the whole " you are not ready to be a champ" post was a joke but it is serious, we do things that "normal" people see as crazy this is not for the weak at heart.

if you have doubts then get the fuck on and stay out of the big boys sand box.

sorry for this post but its my opinion and it needs to be said I see too many pussies out here in this forum now that is looking for an easy out instead of hard work.

Gear is dangerous,and you have to work hard,harder than someone that is natural and take the risks that no one else is willing to take and the rewards are there, sometimes they are not as great as one expects but they are there none the less.
now can we please stop with the sissy shit, if you get a lump, or infection what the fuck ever.
suck it up take your lumps like a man stop being a bitch and get on with your life. you will learn what not to do next time then now wont ya.
simple as that.

thank you and have a nice day


Olive oil is good and contains healthy fats. Maybe you should put some in your protein shake and leave the juice alone. Not flaming ya, but just echoing the above advice in different words.


How about instead of being a smart ass you (like you guys tell everyone to do) do a little research into my previous threads i've started on topics of "Orals due to skin condition", for a start (use your search) as you tell everyone and look back a little. Then you can come back in and tell me your advice or opinions. The big thing on hear is do your research before you ask questions.

I'm not new to this at all (only to this site). So I ask you before you make stupid judgments, It's time for you guys to do you research on me. If you don't wanna do any work at least start by asking a question. Or don;t bother to comment, just read and close and move on.


LOL WTF IS THIS? This statement is not because of your skin condition, its because you're fucking scared of a little pain.
There are so many sites to shoot
vast lat
even calves if you had to..
Use enth or cyp esters shoot 2x week
or use dec/undec esters and shoot 1xweek


Ok buddy, I've been skin graphed after being burned to a crisp when I was 7. Read my old threads. Then make dumb ass comments!!! I'm 90% skin graphed except face calfs feet hands and forearms. Pain is the least of my worries. There is a lot of shitty gear people shoot into their bodies that cause some pretty nasty damage. I've been doing orals for along time. I just got some awsome news that I have a spot on my ass to use. I don't wanna over use it.


Yes I read your thread, I quoted the part that I was commenting on.

How does being scared about pain in a site that you are capable of injecting into relate to your skin graph??? Please explain....

OH and if you noticed I answered your original question.


Why do assume that 'dirty' (not sure what that means actually) oil would lead to anymore pain that 'clean' oil. If you are talking about bacteria in the oil pain is the least of your worries. Developing an infected abscess is much more serious than injection pain. No matter what your first injection will hurt. The smaller the oil volume the less pain.

What does your fear of overusing a site have to do with the quality of the gear? Elaborate please because it doesn't make much sense. Gear of the highest quality should not be injected into the same place day after day.

If you are getting your gear from a commerical source you are taking a risk no matter what. It is in the best interest of the supplier to sell quality product because that will lead to repeat customers but if you don't mix the ingredients yourself you can never actually know what you are putting in your body.

Stop being so short tempered with people. It is unreasonable to expect every single person to recall the details of your situation. You are not like the common guy coming here for advice. It should be your responsibility to, at the very least, remind people of your condition and post a link to your other thread in any new thread you start.


you do understand there is no obligation to do any drugs,right?

I think if you can not do it then you cant do it.
and if you want it bad enough you will.
so why in the bloody hell are you asking us, if none of us are in your situation and you are so bad off physicaly.

BTW for the record, your story does not impress me,I have been through my own hell,but you do not see me running around flaunting it talking about it every other thread,do ya?
you had an accident,you have had to live with it this long,why have you allowed it to define who you are.

GET OVER IT!!! god do you need me to come over and hold your hand?
and I am short with you because you are short with everyone else.

Start treating people with respect and compassion and stop this little feeling of self pity and entitlement and maybe someone like me will stop being a dick to you.


drugs are bad, mmmkay?


I guess Im just expecting people to understand me a little better. Most due but i'll simplify it again. One spot that is small, so can one spot about the size of half a slice of bread handle that many injections (12 weeks x at least 12 injections) Isn't that alot in the same place?

I have read alot about people having pretty painful injections (which means that there may be either a problem with the injection site or the injection) IE possibly UG stuff that doesn't have the greatest track record for being a clean product.

If you did a shot and 7 days later there was still pain or discomfort or some wierd ass bump or whatever could possible happen, in that same spot would you honestly just go ahead and take another shot?


This can be solved by finding a good clean source, if you cant dont use. I think that if you had to, you could prob get away with 24 injections over 12 wks in the same spot (JUST A GUESS THOUGH!!)
You can DEF do 12injections by 12 weeks

Use clean gear and dont fuck up your injection and pain will be of normal amount.. Warming it helps too