Oils for Massive Eating

I just started massive eating today. I’m using flax and olive oil. For my P+F meal, I just consumed the oils raw. I thought I was gonna puke. How do you guys take your oils? Do you mix it in with your meal or go raw?

Pour it on salads. Drink it, if you have to, but after a while you’ll be wishing you hadn’t.

Hey don’t feel bad. My salad once came back up with the oils and happily made it’s new home in the kitchen sink. The texture of all oils make me want to vomit. Now, I mostly rely on salmon, eggs, nuts, and fish oil caps for my fatty meals. I figure vomiting out the food thats helping me grow is counterproductive even if the oil is good for me :slight_smile:

Try mixing it with your protein powder. Olive oil over a salad should be no problem. I use to mix my flax oil with some vinegar and mustard to put over a salad.

Mixing you oils with shakes isnt too bad (flax and choc are pretty good together), go for salmon as a fat source (ie no added oils) or use caps to avoid the initial flavour (you can still get reflux), otherwise just suck it up. squats arent nice either

Flax Oil - take it liek a shot and chase it with a glass of water.

Olive Oil - on your salad.

For flax oil I usually pick up a bottle of “Flax Oil” gel capsules. I take a few with my “fish caps” with meals.

Might also check into picking up some cold milled flax seed at GNC for your EFA intake, easy, tasteless, and gets some fiber into ya to.

I add flax oil to a can of tuna. Not too bad to tell you the truth.

Salt, shot, lime.

Oh wait, that’s tequila. Silly me.

Still works :wink:


tbl spoon of xtra light olive oil straight, no problem. tastes like nothing.

I used to put olive oil on my sardines n’ pasta. That was my favorite meal.

I never could do the straight flax oil, or mix it with my shakes, though the shakes are much easier to drink then straight flax. I mostly rely on fish oil capsules, and a few flax caps. You could try ground flax mixed into your shakes and oatmeal though.

If it’s flax oil, then I’ll mix it with a Grow! shake or take it straight (taste doesn’t bug me much).

With olive oil, I’ll mix it with 2 Tbsp of natural peanut butter and 1 cup of cottage cheese.

Flax is not bad on Veggies and in salads. I mix about .5-1 tbs of both and dump them into my salads or on mixed green veggies.

Nuts and seeds another great way to help you get some EFA.

Listen to the other on here and get some Hulled Flaxseeds. Don’t buy flax powder though that shit is nasty!!!


I mix 1:1 flax and olive oil with my cottage cheese and protein powder. It actually improves the taste.

but charlie, that would be breaking the sacred laws of ye mighty Berardi!!!
C+F, just doesnt roll of the tounge too well…

I know, I know, P+C+F breaks the rules, but I was addicted to sardines ‘n’ pasta and olive oil. I have moved on, though, and am a better person for it.