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Oiling It Up


Hi all,

Was wondering what kind of oil you guys cook your meats and vegetables in (or which ones are the healthiest) and do you count the macros from the oils used in your daily calorie count? Thanks.


Your thread topic is just plain wrong...

Olive Oil (specifically Extra Virgin)
Coconut Oil (also Extra Virgin)
Avocado Oil (yummy!)
Macadamia Nut Oil (Haven't tried it but people rave about it)

Yeah count oil especially if you're dieting.


Use cooking spray for cooking, and oils for flavor.


Coconut oil, period.


Thanks guys. What I don't understand is, if you count the oils used in cooking, how can you possibly have a pure P/C meal. For example, if you cook chicken in olive oil, and eat rice with the chicken, you'll have P/F/C meal but it is advised to split up fat and carbs. How do you solve that? Or is the fat in this case negligible?


Splitting up carbs and fat is outdated info. Avoid fats around the workout window and dont worry about the rest of the day.

But if you must have a fat free meal use calorie free cooking spray.


agree with bones... you can also just bake or grill the chicken.

If I'm doing something like baking a cake, where I want a relatively tasteless oil, I'll use canola or safflower. Otherwise it's olive or coconut for me, depending on if I need to cook at higher temperatures (coconut)


Most people don't need to be NEAR that obsessive about their macros or combining moderate amounts of fats/carbs. There's a big difference between coating a pan with some mac nut oil so the meat doesn't stick and frying in an inch deep pot of peanut oil.

For cooking I use either virgin coconut oil or mac nut oil because they stand up to heat well.


anything that i cook in a pan gets coconut oil (98% of the duty) or butter (the occasional egg dish if i'm cooking for myself and company). i use EVOO a lot too, but i don't like to cook with it. EVOO + balsamic vinegar + italian seasoning + a touch of splenda is a yummy salad dressing. i also drizzle the stuff on other veggies or even meats and other goodies.