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Oil/Water Mix Question

can you shoot test P/tren/and inj winny -in the same pin?

You could, but I certainly wouldn’t.

Better idea, use one syringe for test/tren, and another for the winstrol.

As Cortes said, you could. I only ever do it with an insulin pin. The disadvantage you have to watch out for is that the pressure that is needed to inject the oil at a reasonable pace will squirt the aqueous solution in rather violently. So it’s necessary to watch and be careful. The problem might well be compounded with a larger diameter needle. It would also be harder to see the aqueous/oil interfaces precisely.

And I never do it in a case such as the above, as Winstrol might as well be injected 1 mL at a time, thus meriting its own injection. I do it if a small amount of peptide needs to be injected and I don’t mind reducing an oil injection due at the same time by that amount.

also i see winny has an 8 hour active life. would 50mg ED work or should it be shot twice a day?

You are confusing the oral duration of action with injected. Every day is fine. There is not a half-life per se as the pharmacodynamics are different than that of an ester, but the duration of action is at least several days.

yea all i see (that i can find) is the 8hr active live for pills apparently. so would 50mg ED be too much or should i do 50mg EOD?

50 mg every day by injection is fine, and pretty standard.

I’ve pinned oil and water-based compounds in the same syringe, specifically prop/enth + HCG. Should also note that the oil volume > water volume, in every case.

I’m sure my initial motivation was simply to see how well this worked and it did just fine.

wow Bill i see what you mean about pressure needed for water based vs oil. i pushed wayyyyyy to hard at first-that shit flew in lol. I vote that test P hurts worse than inj winny.

Well made prop shouldn’t hurt - although there does seem to be a degree of personal variance… i don’t know.

I would not have thought there would be an issue mixing them - but when BR mentioned about varying pressures… that is so obvious! It is shit like that that comes from years and years of personal experience - having tried virtually every concoction and method.

I also remember BR mentioning something about an oil affecting the release of the Stanazolol, but it is vague. IMO, it shouldn’t cause too much issue WRT end result/effect and the different release kinetics. But i may be wrong…


Actually no, I never did say anything regarding oil in the same injection perhaps affecting rate of dissolution of the stanozolol. Never occurred to me. But now that you mention it, it sounds possible.

lol! Sorry - misquote! Fuck knows who mentioned it then - i remember it being someone i regarded as an expert, so you came to mind.

It’s a good thing. The point seems to me to have merit. I don’t know how much of an effect it would have, if necessarily any, but also certainly don’t know that it might not be significant.

In THAT case it is something i ‘postulated’ myself… :wink: