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Oil w/Highest PUFA Content


I just wanted to share this- maybe they will start exporting to the US once FDA approves it...

Sacha Inchi oil... take a look at this http://www.rodaperu.com/

It has the strongest plant derived PUFA concentration...

Theres a couple of brands in the peruvian market right (RODA is one of them)... Ive been trying it for a couple of weeks... I really cant tell if its better than regular fish oil but I guess its good to rotate between omega sources.. The only negative side is the taste, its like munching on a cactus but its a matter of time until the come out with capsules


Why would I want 35% linoleic acid?

I do not.

Simply lumping things together because of number of double bonds (none, one, or more than one) is not a correct method. The body does not work that way.




That was fast:) ...but even with 35% linoleic acid i guess there has to be some benefit to supplementing with this oil as its pretty cheap in Peru (5% for a 250ml bottle) vs fish oil (90 capsules for 25$ GNC fish oil)..

Even if the omega ratios are way off does it make more harm than good if a person was to supplement with this oil?

*Just posting to let you guys know about this... I dont think many people know about the existence of this seed


It could probably be a major commercial success though, if given effective advertising and articles, on the "most polyunsaturated" theme, despite the fact that the ALA, while good, is not as effective a source for DHA and EPA as those fatty acids are themselves (at least not for achieving higher levels) and as mentioned there is a lot of linoleic acid that most already get too much of, and have too much stored in the body.


I hadn't seen your reply when writing the above. Hopefully it happens to answer your questions though if I'd seen them I'd have written a little different, probably.

I didn't know about it either till your post. Thanks!


yeah, it will sure catch the attention of some health freaks out there . I agree that sacha inchi or maybe flaxseed dont even come close with the potency of Flameout or fish oil but in my case what i do regularly is take 2-3 g of EPA/DHA (from generic fish oil) and a tbsp of sacha inchi or flaxseed.

*doesnt plant derived omega sources have other things such as lignans/phytonutrients/antiox?


Whether there are useful such things in the oil will depend on the plant and processing methods. I couldn't predict whether this oil has particularly valuable properties there or not.