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Oil-Up LOLs!





Where's the funny part? That looks like my usual morning ritual. Except there isn't an extra dude, and I'm usually facing the other way...


I'm talking about the first pic. Oh god, just the first pic!


I am missing the funny. I am guessing this looks strange to people who have never seen how they prep backstage before going on stage?

What I do like is now the NPC has mostly women doing the application...and some of them are hot.


The first picture looks like a good time the second one, not so much.


Well, the truth is they are probably thinking of what they have to do onstage.

If getting oiled up back stage gets you turned on, you probably have other issues.


My first time backstage at a show just just... weird. All these semi naked dudes standing around in speedos, and either being slapped (the proper method of applying dreamtan), rubbed (posing oil), or even sprayed with cooking spray. Of course now, it all seems perfectly normal :smiley:



I am very familiar with the backstage prep, Doc.
It's just the looks on the faces of the people in the first pic... she's looking into Ronnie's ass, while the guy on the sofa seems focused on his crotch.

The second pic is just filler. One pic is never enough for a thread starter.



"Oil me up Babaaayyyyyyy!!!!!

hey dawg, pass me that 'nanner..."


I don't know where it is, but I have a picture of my pale self applying suit stick to a friend's booty. She's dream tanned dark, and ripped, and I'm a fluffy Snow White lol.


Yeah, get with the real world. For everyone who's not involved with competitive bodybulding (99.9% the pop and 95% of this site), that's kind of funny.


Now Fluff girls are something I don't find funny at all. That's dead serious business.


Here we are.


Have any video of this? :stuck_out_tongue:


Not funny.



Great smile, PMPM.


Whats that job pay?


What a contrast to the first picture.


I agree. Additionally, I prefer your marble-white succulent skin over the fake tans.