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Oil Trapped Inbetween Skin or Infection?

Hi, so i injected some test 400 , 1/2 a cc, and i shot it in my delt where i used to always shoot it in previous cycles, for my third injection of this cycle, i’m extremely lean and i used a slin pin, & i ended up not getting that bad of pip just soreness & then the tear drop part of my delt started to feel a little hard & very sore & a red patch ended up starting, 3-4 inches below the injection site it’s only a little warm aswell, i’m starting to feel it at the top of my bicep a little also & not extremely swollen just very slightly, does it seem like the oil got trapped as i read it can? Or should i be worried about infection?
The small circle is injection site, the big circle is the red patch, you can see the patch inside the circle, it’s not as big as the circle itself
I’m feeling a little flushed & told i do look a little flushed in the face, i’m going to take my temperature when i get home my actual delt is not really that sore atall though as i normally would be after a pain, it just hurts to actually press on the hardened teardrop part of my delt

Infection = Red, puffy/swollen, painful to touch, hot to touch

Doesn’t look like any of that to me. Maybe its just PIP

It is pretty red now, it’s slightly warm, i wouldn’t say it’s hot, ive been checking if i have a fever and i’ve been pretty good, 97.9-98.1, could it be as i said? Maybe the oil seeped in between my skin and muscle then moved down?

Its not an infection. Settle down.

Draw a circle around it with a sharpie. If the redness spreads towards the heart outside of the sharpie, along with fever then get worried about infection. Google is your friend.

Where is that? Middle of your back? Why the hell you injecting there?

PS: Nevermind, I am an idiot. That is a closeup of your shoulder.

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It looks like it’s spreading downward but more like a steady patch just moving, i’ll be checking for fever

I think your probably right. I inject sub Q and if it gets too close to the skin, I see a red puffy area. It goes away, I would just be concerned with increasing pain, redness.

Possibly the carrier oil causing some surrounding tissue to be inflamed.

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The soreness has been the same, it hasnt gotten worse i’d say if Anything very very little better, but yeah it’s not like swelling to where i can even notice swelling so i think it was just that, i just needed some opinions and stuff, i’m a bit of a overthinker lol

Infection swelling is really noticeable, the whole area will be bright red and it will be really warm to the touch.

Yeah it’s just a faint red, & it’s a little swollen, the very bottom where the delt meets the bicep feels like a rock