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Oil Rig Work


I'm applying for jobs to work on an oil rig. I don't have any oil field experience which of course makes it harder to get work. Anybody here work on a rig? How do I get into this industry without experience?


Network. They train. What skills and experience do you have? Where are you located? Rig work is a good ol boy network for sure. Just talk to people in the industry.


x2 I want to work on one of the rigs in Brazil, work 8 months on a rig, go party in Brazil come back a 3 days later broke from cheap booze and cheaper women


Depends on where you are, adn what type of rig you want to work on. From what I have heard, deep sea rigs are hard to get on without experience.

In Alberta, you just have to show up and look the part. Then it's just up to you to pass the interview and physical/drug testing.

That said, with no experience and not knowing anyone, you are probably going to be stuck with a poorer class of company and crew.


You have to work your way up to Brazil and some Asian countries for that reason. Must prove responsibility before they just shoot you off to LBFM land.


That is a damn shame, I just want to work hard and spend the spoils of my labor on the finer things in life


Most of them do. They just want to know you'll make it back to work after a booze fueled week off with all the little brown fucking machines.


There is gas drilling work here in PA that doesn't require any previous experience. It helps if you have a skill like welding, generally good mechanical skills, and a huge set of balls.

In fact, you can do pretty well even without skills as long as you have a good work ethic and the aforementioned huge set of balls.


It is a mans world for sure. The money is offshore though. Basically double whatever land rigs pay. Plus food and they do it right with steak, shrimp, fajitas and lots of good shit. Thick, real steak too, not usual cafeteria shit.

Just don't work a BP rig.


Of course I would come back how else would I afford more fat assed brown girls??


Three weeks of expat oil pay, with all expenses taken care of, would afford 3 girl brazilian orgies for a decade.


Not the way I spend money, just saying.


If you spent all that money on brazilian hookers, in brazil, you would by more than you could fuck, even if you had the energy to go 24 hrs a day for seven days.


Don't forget the gear I do believe it is legal to purchase down there


True but you still get tested on the rig. I doubt they test for test but who knows. Derek could tell you.

I suppose you could front load cocaine on your break as it would be out of your system before you return but anything that stays in your body would be a no go.


Just pussy and booze are my only vices, don't care for "recreational" drugs, but seriously I want to work on a rig in Brazil


Well meet some industry folk and work in to it.


I own a small (20 rig) drilling company in New Mexico. Have about 30 pulling units and frac units as well.

All you need is a strong back and the ability to pass a drug test.


dangerous work. don't forget.