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Oil Pulling, Anyone?

I do it here and there. Wish I did it more. Basically it is taking good oil, like coconut or sesame oil in your mouth, and pull and push it through your teeth. For like 15 minutes or so and spit it out. NO, I don’t believe the claim that it pulls toxins from your body and you spit them out. What I do think happens is that it is a vigorous soaking of your gums. Perhaps loosening plaque and other nasties. Acting like a detergent. I follow this with a water pick and a brushing.

Here’s my question.
Digestion starts in the mouth. But you are not swallowing any of this oil. Will certain digestive and other enzymes be triggered as a result of the oil being in your mouth? Just curious people’s thoughts.

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Is this “broscience” from you or have you heard about this in another place?



If I remember right from biology only carb digestion is started in the mouth.

yes I do it sometimes.


[quote]cwill1973 wrote:
If I remember right from biology only carb digestion is started in the mouth.[/quote]

You do remember correctly, at least partially. To be more specific, your saliva is capable of digesting starch, and only starch, because of salivary amylase.

That doesn’t mean this oil pulling can’t have positive health benefits, just that triggering of digestive enzymes would certainly not be one of them.