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Oil Leaking


I cruise and blast, so I am injecting year round. Recently every shot some oil has leaked out.

Not sure why? Any thoughts?

I hit delts and quads when I am cruising, and add VG and tris when I am blasting. So right now I have 4 sites, when I am blasting I have 8.


try to leave the pin in a few seconds longer after injecting and it wont leak out as much
also if you practice z-track this will not happen
or inject a bit slower, this is very very common its just something that happens because the oil is not absorbed right away and it will come out.


I inject very slowly (about 20 seconds per cc) and at the end I keep the needle inside for a little while (in the meantime I prepare my patch etc).


I usually take about 20-30 seconds per cc too, and always leave it in a second. It has done it once in awhile before, maybe once a month, but lately its every time.

I will try slowing it down more and leaving it in longer, and if that doesn't resolve it I will try the z-track.


It could be because of scar tissue that has built up.


this is possible, try z-track if it is scar tissue this is the only way to make sure it stays.
it may start leaving small lumps in the skin, I found hot shower after an inject handles that lump nicely


Probably fairly likely in my case since I stay on.


if possible, switch your trt to sub q, inject it more often if you have to. then do your cycle shots in different places than youre used to. You probably know this sort of stuff already but Ive found that scar tissue can actually disappear by itself (no manual therapy needed) with a few months of rest.


I will try that.

I left my quads alone for a few months and I can still feel the scar tissue when I push into them.

I may try traps, calves and bis for cruising if I don't like the sub Q... then I would have delts, tris, VG, and quads for blasts.

I can't reach my ass, or I would add glutes.