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Oil Based Winnie?

i have a bottle of oil based winnie which i didnt know was possible until i read another post on here. in that post is says that the winnie is 90% bioavailble if taken orally. is that true? if it is ill take if not i wont as it was given to me by my freind to try out. any feedback?

winny is a 17aa steroid which is highly absorbable orally. the addition of the alpha methyl group to the 17th carbon is what allows this oral absorption and what makes these compounds a little harder on the body.

its not that hard to make, the injects are painless (i haven’t tried it, i will always take orally, as an athlete i don’t need scar tissue build up) according to feedback

yes winstrol can be suspended in oil, just as test can be suspended in water or oil as well. No big deal here.