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Oil Based Stanozolol?

I was thinking of puting in an order with a domestic source and they carry a brand that is supposed to be out of china called “enhanced genetics” and they have a stanozol 75mg 10ml in an oil base. I am not getting the stanozol and I have never used winni but I have had some pass through my hands before and it was always the water based stuff that looks like skim milk. Is this a legit form of winni or not?

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everything seems to hurt these days.

maybe its called enhanced genetics china , im seeing alot of mixed reviews on this one.

I remember hearing that Iberobolics was coming out with an oil-based stanozolol product, but never did. Their products started getting shittier just before their website was permanently disabled.

If it is in fact an oil-based formulation of stanozolol then the only possibilities are:

  1. It is a suspension. Nothing fundamentally wrong that idea, but also no point to it.

  2. If a clear solution and the carrier is almost entirely oil, then it has almost no stanozolol in it as the solubility of stanozolol in oil is extremely low.

  3. If it is a clear solution and actually does contain the claimed amount of stanozolol, then it is not simply oil but has a LOT of one or more cosolvents to allow the stanozolol to dissolve. It’s plausible that this would result in being painful. It’s also plausible, though can’t be said for a fact without testing, that the duration of action will be ridiculously short. The only way that would not be so is if the stanozolol crystallizes out in the body to particle sizes not drastically smaller than occurs with suspension: as a guess I would bet against that being the case.

If the stanozolol does not crystallize out on injection, then the situation would be the same as with an oil solution of testosterone itself. There’s a reason that has never been sold as a pharmaceutical: the duration of action is a matter of a few hours.

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Yes, that is right.

It should be possible to esterify stanzolol even though it is 17-alkylated (such steroids in practice are virtually never esterified.) The basis for that is that it has been done with methandriol dipropionate, so it can be that such a thing can work.