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This all-star "bodybuilder" almost had to have his arms amputated from putting too much of this junk in there. He should have just used Micro-PA and Plazma, DUH!


For more oil-bagging fun, T-Nation recently published an article on the topic: https://www.T-Nation.com/powerful-words/oil-bags-rise-of-the-idiots


It's alive!!! So that's what you call a "reactive pump"!


OHHHHHHHHHHHH,Why oh why do people do that?! It's not real,doesn't even look real.Like that kid on TLC the other night - had inplants of "muscle" all over his body...looked like a bizarre Ken doll.I wanted to shout at the tv: go to a gym and get real muscles.Everybody wants results RIGHT NOW nowadays in this age of entitlement.


I try to go by the "to each his own" adage, but sometimes you have to wonder just what the hell some people see when they look at themselves in the mirror.



You said a mouthful ! I've seen people who will do anything to change their appearance,except go to a gym.


I can't wait to see this case study present itself:

Someone who does excessive oil injecting, who also has a case of Palumboism. There will have to be a new name for this condition.


LOL! And a new ongoing thread about it!


Pianaism? Pianosis?


LOL ! Hey,lets send the oil baggers to Planet Fitness,that's what they think we look like anyway!


You guys are pretty jealous of all the hard work he's been putting in


There have been certain "names" in the industry who I have heard attempt to legitimize the use of SEOs. The explanation usually being along the lines of using the artificial means to stretch the area of the muscle, "allowing" for more growth to occur. Similar to Hany Rambod's notion that he could somehow stretch a tight muscle fascia that may have limited growth potential simply by doing a bunch of really high repetition sets of an exercise.



Some people "in the know" would have you believe that nearly every pro in the past 15 years has used oil in that exact way for the exact reason.


He must regret doing that


You would think so, but looking at the pretty large number of idio...er,... "bodybuilders" who use this approach to build their bodies (take a trip via google or youtube and you'll get quite a show), not many seem to be regretting, nor even admitting the practice at all. I may be wrong though, I'm certainly not looking too hard to find any expose's by SEO abusers, but you would think if an honest one came out it would make the rounds pretty quickly.



It's body dysmorphia, just like anorexics looking in the mirror and seeing a fat chick looking back.

It'd actually be pretty sad if it weren't so hilarious